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Thanks for joining our CCTickle group. A special welcome to the new ones and a special thank you to the old, for being there. This is the fifth issue of Tickle, a monthly newsletter from Creators Child. This month we’re talking about how dreams can help understand, heal, predict, learn. We have been overwhelmed by dreams that all of you sent in. (CC is a spiritual initiative - to awaken the God within – it’s channeled through us, Tarun and Celia Cherian, and a host of hugely talented mystic students. For more -

Dreams that help one understand.
From Seema - When i was in the village a few days back, my colleagues brother after his morning drink was knocked off dead by a bus. Was quite disturbed because N has a very very special place in my heart. After meeting him, felt so exhausted. Almost like i was bearing the burden of death with him. Came back home and fell into a deep spell of sleep... remember vividly that both of us were in a forest and he was calling for me and showed me a leech that was crawling under his skin, asking me what to do.... strange that i had to understand his turmoil this way...

CC Note: There’s a deep symbolic connect of healing dreams like this that go past our psyche’s censors. Ok try figure out - What’s the Forest? What’s the leech?

It hits the butt...
From Vinesh - yesterday and today morning, i've had a recurrent dream about tarun having a problem with the lower right side of his body. the dream is basically, tarun and i arguing about an imbalance between the left and right sides of his body and finally i can see a bright spot on his right side, just above his butt, like in an X ray and i know thats the problem area.

CC Note: Tarun’s response: Before receiving the email I’d had slight knee probs, a week after receiving the email I had the beginnings of a butt problem which I healed immediately because Vinesh said it was imp.

In dreams lie reality
From Jaya: You know I went to the states recently and some months prior to that I kept dreaming about visiting my friend there, recurring dream. And I ended staying with her for 3 weeks. I also dreamt of a deep valley and observing from atop and I visited one such place while in the US.

Telepathy wise I have so many times thought of a person all of a sudden one day and there they appear or call up! Real uncanny. Some months ago while in an auto I was just thinking to myself ‘what traffic and road rash. How come I have managed to escape unscathed for so long esp when I travel by these unbalanced autos every day?’ and within 3 minutes our auto had a tumble as a dog crossed the road. I escaped unhurt except for some bruises! But was I shaking from the thought of it all!!

Three days ago I was travelling in a BTS bus (not done it for some 4 years or so) and saw a ghastly accident of a kid in the dream. The next day I happened to be in a place from where I HAD to take a bus after so long. Was I so nervy, hoping the other part wouldn’t come true. I didn’t read the crime column next day, didn’t want to!

Of late I have become quite scared not knowing which dream to take seriously.

CC Note: Dreams come from a layer of consciousness that underlies the physical, often termed the astral. It is a zone formed out of the energy of desire, wishes that form the matrix which underlies the physical stage. Dreams are wishes (and fears) wrapped by imagination that may choose to be physical… so all that one sees doesn’t manifest. So which dream does one take seriously? One has to use one’s intuition or alternately one can ask one’s inner self to differentiate highly probable dreams by some sign.

Back to school
D : Am in a classroom being taught things about the universe – it’s like speeding lights.

Tarun : I’m part of a group of kids leaping across a road. I keep leaping and go higher and higher up among the clouds, am told “The more you laugh the higher you go”.

CC Note: Classrooms, temples are often the setting. A deep teaching dreaming may often be seen as abstract images as they can’t be reclothed in anyway.

Flight CC
Tarun. I’m getting up from bed but my feet are rubbery…I realize it’s an out of body experience use it to look around the house.

CC Note: Dreams are great for astral traveling. However one may not always stay on the physical level.

Dreams that don’t happen.
F asks - I never remember my dreams! I sometimes wake up after the dream and make a conscious effort to replay the details of the dream, but even then the next morning I have no idea what I dreamt! Except the slightest detail.. maybe a friend who was in the dream but not what he/she said or did.. I don’t remember the significant details just the basic thing. What does that imply?

CC Note: Very few of the dreams we get are remembered. And all psychics go through major phases when they don’t remember their dreams. Here you remember a fragment or person. Write it down, act on it, the more we turn to dreams the more it tends to be used as a channel.

Question for next month. Practically all of us can sense energy, So is there anything you felt of late you’d like to talk about? Places, plants, stones, people, events, incidents with unusual energies of late? Write in ( before Sept. 30 )

A special request. Some of u in the group have never written in. I don’t know what u feel about Tickle. Maybe u’re not getting it at all. Maybe it intrigues u. Maybe u hate it. Whatever – please please write in. Accolades. Criticisms. Just a simple hi or bye. And then send it on. We’d like Tickle to reach the world. May CCtickle tribe increase. Ciao. Till next month then.

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