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Devadhara Healer Nandini

A Sign from God.
By Nandini.
Nandini has just learnt Devadhara Healing in June 2015…
And so not unnaturally in her first healings she has doubts.

“In a healing, I am uncertain, I wonder am I doing it right?
Am I doing it well?  
I ask God to show me a sign.
And he does!
My whole hand starts tingling unbelievably.

"Ask" it is said "and you will receive".
She asked.
She received.


AFlashing Sign from God.
By Tarun Cherian.
Now, just like Nandini there are times, when I too, after 20 years of Healing, still despair,
and wonder if we are doing all we can, if we are hammering at God’s door with our full might.
And I too demand from God… a sign… not that I should… for he is so clear to my eyes, spinning like a great disc…

“One evening in June 2015, I was pushing with extreme force,
Gathering psychic energy when Celia said,
“Weird, the lights are flickering and not in the rest of the building,
are you switching the lights on & off?”
“No”, I replied.
Suddenly light sparkles dance on the walls.
Later, Celia & I check with our spirit Guide, Lord Zol, with God.
“Yes”, I had disrupted the electricity in our home.
And God laughed, “The fierce urinary burning I feel was caused
by surges of the same force.”
When we disrupt the flow of force to that extent, the effect is unpredicatable.
Jaw-dropping miracles can have jaw-dropping effects. Literally.
{Old readers, remember the story of Roshni and the Disco lights?}

God is real, past the heavy curtains of our mind, of the heavy stones on our hearts… God can reach through.
And all of us, reading this know this to be true... for most of you have had blessings that took you deep to the soul... angels... God...


God Touches My Feet. Opens My Heart.
By The June 2015 Deevadhara Healing Group.
The Blessing is the most vital and beautiful part of the Devadhara Healing process bringing deep and magnificent change… This is the first step, a point where our call to the divine is answered in a beautiful ritual. Here are what the participants felt. Experiences that perhaps are so close to yours... healers, spiritual pilgrims, patients, aura answer seekers... that moment when you felt something from beyond brush your being...

“I heard a flute and saw Lord Krishna, with peacock feathers and a wonderful blue all around. Tears started flowing… and years of pain left my body.” – Meena

“A thousand deities thronged… The Shakti appeared in all her glory…” – Geeta N

“Colours danced everywhere. Lights surrounded me.” – Geeta H

“Purple swirls carried me magnificently in its arms…” – Nandini

“Was wrapped in heaviness… powerful, reassuring, wondrous… lost in a deep heavy trance… as I return I feel powerful vibrations… cosmos-shaking..” – Amitha

“Wept with magic of it… the touch unlocked something… the weight I’ve been carried is gone… I can’t explain.” – Krishna

 “During the blessing, that is the first step in becoming a Devadhara healer, I felt hands hold my feet. They kept holding, so real they were. But when I opened my eyes, there was no one there. When I shut my eyes again, the force returned it had human hands but deep strength.” – Preethi

The blessing is the first step. A door opening... but after this we have to walk through, we have to claim the magnificence... demand miracles... but can we do it? After the magnificence of the workshop, returning home, we begin to doubt ourselves... But God does not stop its association with us.. he follows us home...



O God, it works.
By Natsy.
A first Level Devadhara Healer shares this marvellous story. Healing Works.

“I should heal.
Should heal more than I am doing.
But one healing tells me that healing works.
A friend, {a baby really}, has a difficult skin condition from childhood.
I give him the anti-allergy mudra that you {Tarun & Celia} taught me.
In days the condition disappears.”

Healing Works! Tell yourself this. And so make time for it. The more time you make, the less time you spend at the docs, and the quicker the recovery.




The Lullaby of The Divine.
Nandini & Vasu.
We are teaching a mother & daughter how to be singer-healers… A different healing modality we have been inspired to create. As Nandini & Vasu sang, our whole home lifted up into another realm, filled with unearthly shimmers, deep and wondrous… It felt we were lost among the clouds…

Says Vasu as she returned home – “I went in so deep, as I was flying back, I had to be stirred awake by the airhostess”




The Guru’s Reassurance.
By Manoj.
“The Cosmic Heart Session for me was amazing and strange for after the blessing, I kept losing complete orientation, there was no up or down, just a delirious spinning in space… But at times, I couldn’t be there for all exercises… So, I was doubting myself. One night as I lay in bed wondering I felt your touch, you both Tarun & Celia were there in that room, even when I opened my eyes you were there. You were there.”




Meeting God: Maheshwara!
By Pruthvi.
“Dear Master,
Thanking you all so much for the kind heartedness and generosity you bestowed on me .
I would like to share my recent experiences after receiving the “Cosmic Heart Blessing and Meditation course”.

At the end of first week, while at the end of meditation I started experiencing infinite 
space (completely dark) all around, there only my awareness was present , then in 
front appeared “Lord Dattatraya” (The trinity representing Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshwara). The Lord was leaning on to a white Cow as if he was watching the whole universe , the cow just gently kept moving its head, the animals around were looking on the Lord. All this appeared as just floating ,as I could feel the space all around . The presence of The Lord was infinitely profound , because I was not experiencing it as just a visual in front of me , it was an experience of absolute awareness of Lords Compassion moving out to the whole space.

I humbly offer this precious experience to the givers of the “Cosmic Heart “ Knowledge, Master Tarun , Master Celia and Master Buffy.

Thanking you, Faithfully Yours, Pruthivi


Birthing a New Me.
By Sonia.
Advanced Devadhara Healer relates a moving account of her spiritual growth.

I feel like I have delivered a baby. A new me.

Last year, this same month,  I remember feeling pregnant with the aspiration to become a healer. I had this terrible pain abdominal pain, and I started healing.  Pain subsided immediately, gave me an insight that I was pregnant with a promise, that I must deliver newness, become a new me, a healer, that is my path and destiny.

It’s like I am reborn. As if I gave birth to a healer. As if the new has walked in. It is time to change priorities. With you {Tarun} I explored, God, Lord Shiva in the forest of my mind. It becomes clearer now, this light… In a dream I felt wind blowing softly, and I saw locks of hair in that wind, that is all, but the presence was Shiva. He did not show more than that of himself, but that moment was, is magic.

I call him. I call him. I call him. It is only Shiva now. A new child is born. 


The Scent of Angels.
By Geeta.
Note: The recent Devadhara Healing Session was strange in many ways. For one, there were only women for it. And the second, was that half were reiki and other masters, and half were neophytes.  We were teaching them aura sensing when we were relating how you can see or smell auras… and how smelling auras often indicates the presence of angels… when Geeta broke in…

“There are times I feel presences…
I know them as a smell… as Jasmine…”

Yes, we confirmed looking at her aura, angels do hover…


Buffy has the Last Word as always.
A brilliant rain sweeps our balcony, standing there revelling in it… I ask the name of the rain and get its true name, Shuheewha {Part of it for humans}… it’s similar, but different from a name I earlier received. As I was wondering at that, Buffy scornfully says “But I knew that, everybody knows that. You must say the name proper.”

Tanya, Shweta, Ashwin, Ravi; This quartet is not level I by any standard, they have done 6 intense meditation courses, covering 3 years, the recent one spans 6 months, packed with psychic homework… But they are just learning to see pure causal lines or pure thoughts… learning to mind-read…  They have done some amazing things, including talking to the racial consciousness of man… But perhaps the most remarkable incident was deeply human or doguman…

Buffy loves participating in advanced sessions. But she often complains she doesn’t get her very own notes. So this time, I had made energy symbols on a piece of paper. As I was handing out the notes, I did so first to Tanya, Shweta, Ashwin, Ravi… then to Buffy, as they looked on, they were amazed when Buffy, not just accepted the notes… but then very decisively put her chin on it. It wasn’t just cute… it was real.


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Tickle is a Treasure House of Miracles. One that you can help grow. A place where your glimpses of the divine radiate out to all mankind. The experience can be seemingly small, a butterfly saved, or gigantic, a vision of the ultimate. Both are welcome, treasured, shared...