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Thanks for joining our CCTickle group. A special welcome to the new ones and a special thank you to the old, for being there. This is the sixth issue of Tickle, a monthly newsletter from Creators Child. This month we're talking about the energy that freely flows around us. How aware are we of this energy? Do we put it to optimum use? ……. (CC is a spiritual initiative - to awaken the God within – it's channeled through us, Tarun and Celia Cherian, and a host of hugely talented mystic students. For more -

Inwardly beautiful. Too.

From Vinod (as told to us) “There's a beautiful flower called the Flower of Bethlehem that grows in my garden. Its pure white and has an almost ethereal fragrance (sometimes its as strong as the perfume Poison, suddenly it's like the soft gentle fragrance of a freshly bathed baby.) It has a peculiar characteristic in that it blooms every 2 months or so, but just for a single night. But the most striking feature is its energy field. It has a huge aura that can be felt and seen almost 10 ft away. It is a brilliant white with specks of gold. Sometimes it has a mesmeric effect – Celia was meditating on it, and didn't realize 15 mins had gone by, till Buffy tried to catch Pogo the neighbour's cat and all hell broke loose.”

Can make our nadis blaze.

(Experiences at ‘The Secret Touch', Tarun's recent art show: We've been trying to invest art with psychic energy, and in this exhi it succeeded magnificently with some like Tina, Sanjay, Angel, Vinesh)

From Tina: “I was swept off my feet the minute my eyes closed.” (Tinmin, in one sentence you are both defying gravity as well as assuring the blind they can see.) Nadi is an earthmoving piece. The sense of energy is stupendous. Heady ! Intoxicating!” {It was a Kundalini dancing experience and must have been wow.}

From Angel: “ Wooed by one of the paintings – ‘Heart of nature' could feel the energy dancing within and around.” (Angel went deeep into a trance she couldn't stand. Sitting on a sofa with the painting behind her charging her up, she went, for half an hour off into zone X saying enigmatic stuff like: “I can't feel my feet, I am not here, but am here”.)

The more receptive one is, the quicker it is.

The other day puppy (alias Tiger) the irritating, loveable and foolish dog returned limping on 3 legs, to Cambridge Layout. The leg had a serious cut. Celia gave him one dose of energy and off he was trotting on all 4 legs worrying people, cadging for food. It was jaw-dropping for us, rarely have we seen energy work like this. The takeout for us is - miracles can happen, especially if you are trusting, and open to an amazing degree that some would term idiocy on a puppy scale.

Cosmic vacuum cleaners.

It looks like the mouth of a giant twister, a vortex with a tunnel, usually seen high up in the sky. Spotted by Tanya, then Tarun and a few others over the last year. When we checked with our inner guide, Erewhon, he says “It's a rare psychic phenomenon triggered by your collective consciousness, that sucked off energy fragments that you can't handle to another sector of the multiverse. The matted energy like glutinous bitumen/tar is being used as a glue in a new planet/plane.”

The Dark Storm.

From late July to mid August the earth was battered by a psychic storm emerging from another quarter of the multiverse. It is an emanation from another more violent planet than ours, in a different dimension. Did you feel a change then? “It would be sensed as an enhanced feeling of frustration and rage, others would have felt their deepest beliefs shaken, the key is to use the added sense of disgruntlement with your estate to change.”- Erewhon

Beyond the mirror into the dance.

From Tanya . “In my friend's house is this mirror that made me look very fat ¡¦¡¦ the next day I looked at myself in the mirror in the office restroom ¡¦¡¦. the mirror made me look very slim, though I was happy, something in me asked me not to believe the mirror because it will not necessarily tell the truth ¡¦¡¦.. well I was just lying down on by bed that day and was thinking about how do I really look ¡¦¡¦ not what the mirror tells, not what the photographs tell me ¡¦¡¦.. not even what the people around tell me ¡¦¡¦.. but what am I ? Suddenly an array of images crossed my head and I got all confused then a figure appeared and I was convinced that this is me! It was no shape or size but it looked like a number eight with the gap in between ¡¦¡¦¡¦. Well the whole experience was such an eye opener¡¦¡¦¡¦ the whole thing about being conscious of my looks just disappeared ¡¦¡¦.. we all are not what we look like in some camera or mirror ¡¦¡¦.. but our true selves is something else ¡¦.. I was more convinced of my experience as I went for my 2 nd stage of meditation ¡¦¡¦.. tarun taught me a new way for meditation which was in some ways similar to the 1 st one ¡¦¡¦¡¦. But a lot more exciting. I had anklets of moon and sun on my left and right ankles ¡¦¡¦¡¦.and I danced and danced in them ¡¦¡¦¡¦listening to the music they were creating and swimming in the pool of energy . it was an overwhelming experience ¡¦¡¦¡¦. I saw myself exploding into a thousand birds and flying away ...

Next month, we will talk about change. Life's upheavals, lessons, celebrations, victories and defeats. How U handled them. What u learnt from them. People and beings who supported you. Please write in with your experiences.

Also send Tickle on. We'd like Tickle to reach the world. May CCtickle tribe increase. Ciao. Till next month then.


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