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Thanks for joining our CCTickle group. A special welcome to the new ones and a special thank you to the old, for being there. This is the eighth issue of Tickle, a monthly newsletter from Creators Child. (CC is a spiritual initiative - to awaken the God within – it's channeled through us, Tarun and Celia Cherian, and a host of hugely talented mystic students. For more - )

Foreseeing Change. 1. Recently Zahid had a dream where he met Shah Rukh Khan and asked him why he wasn't well protected. Shah Rukh flicked his hands and 2 bodyguards emerged. 2 days later, Shah Rukh's concert in Sri Lanka was bombed and he had a narrow escape. 2. Earlier this year, an aunt had come to see Reeba off to the station when Reeba saw death around her. “She's going to die” Reeba blurted out and got it good from her generally sceptical family. The aunt died 2 weeks later. 3. Recently, we felt something had gone wrong with a friend we kept calling and were told she was asleep. When we checked inside we realised that she was deeply depressed even suicidal. We gave her intense distance healing and appears a tad better.

When Change wears Death's face. 1. After her husband's death, C's mum learnt driving at the age of 60. Shifted to Bangalore. And thanks to bridge and socialising and lots of reaching out she has more friends than most in town. 2. After a painful loss K threatened to go into the deep end - love, reiki, and lots of friends later, K's back to the warm person.

Change like a crowbar... When your knee goes smash and you were a great dancer and center of the party well you sure as hell don't want to welcome it. But if the accident slows you down, when you were going down the deep end of parties, booze etc., and in the quiet of hospital rooms you find romance then, well…

Change by changing. Sometimes the best way to change is of course to welcome it. 3 years ago, and a good 10 years after my dad's retirement, my folks tired of the deadening atmosphere of our home state, just upped and moved to the hills – Coonoor. They have a new set of friends. And a new zest for life too.

Calling change. Affirmations which all of our students have been taken through is precisely that – orchestrating Inward change for change outside. It's a little like wearing a bright shirt to brighten one's mood. A few years ago I grew my hair at MAA to remind myself I wasn't this grey advertising person I was turning into.

Now sometimes change demands standing still

a part of me is dead..

or atleast hibernating...

so it can revive itself

when the weather is more favourable,

the land more fertile.

where have i hidden that part of me...

which feels beyond feelings?

senses beyond the senses?

thinks beyond thinking?


An oldman looking at me sees Shiva behind me.

But i...i feel like a vendor on fashion street...bargaining...

-Nishi's poem abstracted from a letter

The idea that we proclaim “you create your own reality” can seem to say one should act, struggle and force the pace. Now this is not true, sometimes, one has to be like a seed in a desert and await rain. The greatest doing can be not-doing . For often the idea of doing presumes there is a world out there in the way our senses reveal and hands seem to shape. Not doing then is sometimes a powerful way of attracting change, if letting the hands stop permits inner wings to raise themselves.

What is Change?

The God of chance… In the course of a freewheeling discussion, Naveen, the other day said that the only real God was chance. But was this genuinely his god? I asked him “ if his conception of chance was his own. Or if he had cloaked chance in the mathematician's conception of it, blind and uncaring. Or the idea of pure chance – mad and unpredictable like the dadaist's idea of god. Or was there another loving, joyous and completely free? Where chance noticing itself begins to grow towards its greatest possibility. ”

One of the most powerful revelations I had of god many years ago, is close to the 3 rd option portrayed, where I saw my being as layered whorls of energy like an onion, when I went to the heart, the circles stopped and all there was, was a emptiness that was a dark sea of movement.

Shadows of the Invisible God. {Here's a poem about the idea of chance and purpose}

“So I may see my shape you become my shadows. In explaining my mystery to you I grasp my own. So little do you think of yourself, my precious ones… If you do not grow beyond my eye It is I who would be less, O weed from whom universes rise. How difficult it is to remind the feather/ it wasn't made to be a feather duster.”

What do you think of “All is change?” asked Zahid. Here is an expanded answer I gave him, ‘All that we see around is subject to change. Virtually all the cells in our bodies will be gone in 7 years. The persona we are is connected but so different from our earlier selves. Most of us will be dead in a 100 years. Yet while everything changes the more willing one is to flow, the less abrupt change seems to be. The more we trust the seasons of our self the more rhythms emerge…'

Order rises from change. For example, Inconstant hearts – those where the rhythms to an extent continuously experiment are more stable, more resistant to heart attacks than that which plods without any change.

In urban India we tend to be insulated from the seasons, Nishi on the outskirts of Bangalore noted that Spring isn't casual, but abrupt, suddenly one day it's spring, earlier the time clock was almost metronomic on an exact festive day it would be spring.

“Does the soul change?” asked Tony, the other day. Or is it constant? This was further to Tony making the same statement that ‘all is change'. And my reply was that ‘yes, but we are souls on earth. And so live beyond these lives. And so are beyond the passing parade'. “Then does the soul change?” Was Tony's riposte. The answer I gave was – ‘the soul changes too, but since the soul is a being for whom one of our lives is like a limb it is less threatened by it. Also there's one rider and its about time…

Beyond time. Now here's a twist in the tale. Our conception of change, chance, movement and life are all connected with the idea of time. But at the level of the soul, the dimension of time no longer applies. Let alone far deeper levels of the supersoul that play with creating new worlds, or beyond beings that shape universes…or beyond that…

Please write in with your experiences. Thinks. Filosophies. Yetcetera. Possible subjects: More on change. Natural disaster. Marriage & Love (2 of the group are getting married.) And best wishes for a marvellous 2005 !

Till next time - Ciao

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