Know God! Use God! Be God!


Lesson 10. Miracles happen. Sometimes however the big ones may seem small in our eyes.
Lesson 9. God listens to us. But since she eavesdrop on every little thing, don't be surprised if our mind says love and our bone says fear, that God won't listen to the fear in the bone.
Lesson 8. Four great energy presences, The Soul, Shaktis, Racial Mind and Spirit Guides can help with astounding power and subtlety. However, they are all radically different. And dealing with each evokes a different issue.
Lesson 7. To kill the tyrannosaurus, changee the climate.
Lesson 6. Thoughts can come alive. Dealing with a flock of birds is not like dealing with electricity.
Lesson 5. Bodies further away from the outer body have radical freedoms. But to use those freedoms we need to make radical shifts.
Lesson 4. Multi-dimensionality implies healing must be multi-pronged.
Lesson 3. Beneath The Body are many Bodies. Change this inner body & the outer body shifts.

Lesson 2. The Body is in constant change. So if we can find how the body & psyche passes the baton on we can completely change ourselves.

Lesson 1. Miracles happen when we stop standing in the way of the body. {The miraculous is part of our every cell.}
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