The Healing Touch:
Article in India Today, Jan 2009. By Sreemati Samanta Basu.


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Excerpts from the article: *Tarun Cherian, and Celia Cherian, {in their 40's}, call themselves Spiritual Catalysts and Healing Masters. What makes them as real as anyone else is that they started out as complete sceptics, with no notion of divinity. Starting from the 1970's I started having deep spiritual and cosmic experiences, I would see the world around me splinter in brilliant flashes of light or would have experiences for which they seemed to haave no explanation," remembers Tarun.

Celia too has had some cosmic experieences. "The strongest vision I had was at a cathedral in Goa.. People were tortured there, and I experienced myself being tortured and beheaded. It was only later that I learned that the Spanish Inquisition, had had its day in Goa too." says Celia.

This awakened a desire in both Tarun and Celia to explore the unseen world. In 1994, Celia was diagnosed with endometriosis and a polycystic ovary. Not one to give up, Celia turned to Reiki to heal herself, while Tarun started studying the energies that surround living beings, and started searching for and creating more powerful healing methodolgies and systems.

As they delved deeper into their respective studies {Celia was by then a Reiki Master}, after a bitter three year struggle Celia's endometriosis healed itself, and Tarun managed to heal himself of intense hay fever, so severe that even multiple anti-histamines couldn't bring relief. Soon, they say they were healing people with {repeat} kidney stones, muscular nerve degeneration, autism, depression, diabetes and various other ailments. "That is when we started believing that everything can be cured, God Willing," affirms Tarun.

The couple today, functions as one healing force, their speciality being 'Devadhara Healing' the healing wing of Creator's Child. Tarun and Celia do a depth 11 aura body aura scan to understand the energies within. They then lever what they call Cosmic Core Mantras, depth healing sounds to heal the aura and stimulate recovery. They claim their healing methodologies, work deeper, uprooting problems even at rarefied, Soul, Past Life and Shakti levels. Devadhara Healers also empower patients... meditations, chants and sometimes exercises are what the healing organisation prescribes. The organisation even recommends music, dance and dream interpretation. Whatever it takes, Celia says "Our focus is to fight the incurable'.


"Anything's Curable, God Willing. And Me Trying."