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"I walk in excited about another healing session into my favorite blue room. I always walk in full of energy and with bubbling curiosity for a new revelation each time. In my mind, I call it the “blue room” because everything in that room has a soothing, healing and a pure calming effect which embraces my being. The blue sheet tucked into the bed, the blue and white soul sculpture paintings on the wall and the soft yellow light adorning the lovely blue in the room made it the most welcoming place for me. A place, which made me feel I am amidst the sky and I am wandering to experience its vastness…The smell of the incense made it only more inviting!! These were my first impressions when I entered the room.

"I lie down on the bed, my body stretched out and my hands on either side and I slowly close my eyes. I hear Dunnnnn…..Dunnnnn…..Dunnnn…..Dunnnn…..the mesmerizing sound of the gong in slow intervals. The beautiful, rhythmic sound of the gong gave me a feeling that I am traversing deeper and deeper into a black space. My mind was devoid of any thoughts and I was now only listening to the sound. My mind slipped into a peaceful space, which was blank – a feeling seldom experienced.

"As the number of beats on the gong slowly increased, I could feel my eyeballs circling clockwise into an infinite circling motion, which I had no control of. My eyes were still shut tight. The Gong played along; now in slow distant rhythms. Soaking in it, my body slipped into a complete relaxed mode and here I was simply observing my breath, which had slowed down tremendously. Silence engulfed the room and yet I could feel the presence of Tarun and Celia.

"As the healing started, I felt a beautiful stream of soft energy waves moving slowly from the back of my head all the way down my spine. It was a beautiful feeling, which relaxed me. It's so difficult to put this in words because one should experience it and no words can really describe the feeling.

"Suddenly I felt excruciating pain in my stomach and my hands gripped the sides of the bed and my head moved sideways. I said “It's paining and I feel like crying”. But I couldn't cry for the first few moments and was holding my tears back. Tarun and Celia reassured me that they were around and placed their hands on my body; continuing to heal. They asked me to cry if I felt like me, letting me be myself and embracing me in a loving web. Those reassuring words made me feel secure, although I was in a lot of pain.

"A sense of deep sadness gripped me and I was choking. I slowly wept as the pain intensified, tears trickling down my cheeks. I could see a fair woman and she was she was bleeding badly. It took me sometime to stop weeping until Tarun took the sharp knife out of my stomach. The pain had now vanished magically! I slowly, resumed stability and felt better. Now Tarun and Celia both reassured me that the pain was removed from my body but the image would be there in my mind and I could see it on a big TV screen. I saw a fair Muslim woman in the middle of a desert, lying on a wooden plank with a black hijab. She was bleeding badly and was crying in a lot of pain. A middle aged thin man with grey streaks of hair wearing a white robe was using a sharp knife and piercing her stomach. He was wearing a white robe and also had a beard, who appeared to be a doctor. She appeared to be in intense pain and the pain gripped her very being. She was now still and not moving; it appeared as if she had left her body. The name “Nasreen Rehman” came to me in my dreams the next day.

"Tarun and Celia then placed their hands on my root chakra. Energy waves traveled upwards and I felt a very joyous liberated self emerge. Tarun asked me “Who are you? I know this sounds funny but I want you to tell me who are you?” I was suddenly very shy to talk and tell him who I really was. I felt as if a tantric danced within me and I was feeling completely liberated. But at that moment I didn't want to share this with no one and it was something I wanted to experience just for myself. I requested him to sound the question again and told him I feel very liberated and I feel a deep sense of freedom within and don't feel the need to be answerable to no one. {“I am that which is answerable to no one” are her exact words.} Both Tarun and Celia laughed and said they loved the answer and I laughed with them in that state. One of the reasons I came to them is to get in touch with my deep self and be who I am and I think I had touched that depth. Post the session, I was told that I was touched by God as freedom devoid of fears or any social conditioning is an expression of being one with God. Tarun said he saw a golden light emerge when he was questioning me but it turned black when I hesitated to answer his question.

"I was then asked to sit up so that the energy waves moved smoothly. With great difficulty, feeling much disoriented; I mustered strength to sit up and placed my feet on the ground. However it took me close to 2-3 mins to pick myself up and sit on the chair next to the bed. I was very exhausted and disoriented. I could now feel a beautiful white light embracing my back and Tarun told me I could heal any part of my body with this light. I saw pure white light with streaks of purple, blue and green gushing into my lowest vertebrae in the spine and healing the pain. I continued absorbing the light into the spot, which ached, until I felt a sense of relief. I could see this radiant white light gushing into the spot and it felt like a powerful force was absorbed in my body. Tarun, placed his hand on the spot and I requested him to remove his hand as I couldn't see light when he placed his hand over the black hole. However, Tarun and Celia held me and placed their hands close to my heart and abdomen reassuring me that they were around me showering love in this journey.

"Slowly as I healed the lowest region of my spine, I could sense the energy moving upwards and my eyebrows were getting heavy and hot. I was curious why I felt this way and asked Tarun and Celia. They said they could see my third eye shining and I can slowly relax and let go of the image of the woman I had seen. I slowly breathed and relaxed my body and now opened my eyes. A sense of peace, joy, calm prevailed and this time around I felt refreshed. We then walked out of our favorite blue room for the post mortem discussion for my soul surgery J and enjoyed it over a cup of warm infused tea J discussing the power of the Shakti.

"This is just the beginning of the journey for me…There is a lot of more to learn and it is indeed a never ending journey but this truly has been the most out of the ordinary experience for me and am sure I will associate and get answers to the many questions that continues to ring in my head. Thanks Tarun and Celia for having been so patient with all my questions!!! The healing sessions has made me feel lighter in my heart, accept myself for who I am and most importantly feel warm and fuzzy within; for the person I am. This has helped me get in touch with my deep inner self and I will hold onto that sense of freedom even in the most turbulent times ".


by Savitha B Mar 2010


In this remarkable healing. Savitha has done two wondrous things.

Open up her Past Lives. One which tied her in many lives to a terrifying pattern of pain. She released this pattern almost instantaneously freeeing herself from, years of hurt. The second she opened to a self that sought deeper answers.

And also acknowledge her Freedom self. Her Kundalini...

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