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The Park Stops Hiding

  The Park stops hiding

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It's Buffy's park. A lovely 2 acres of green, tangly trees, grass, interrupted ornamental pagodas, a children's play area, an antheap turning into a temple... It's where we spent time recuperating after Buffy passed away. Talking to her spirit, allowing the healing force of trees to wash over us.

Overtime we've befriended the trees, and the spirit of the land. After a longish while we spent the night at the Creator's Child Centre and trundled off early morning to the park. We worried as we tried to locate Buffy's greatest friend Riblet, displaced by a new pack of dogs. This rabid pack had ripped another dog to shreds.

Anyway we landed up at the park looking forward to a delightful conversation with our green friends. Only to be greeted by silence. The green was quiet. What was going on? Buffy and her mini army were around, dancing through the trees. So why couldn't we hear them?

That's when Buffy (now more dragon than dog) came to our aid. The trees were reaching out to us, but our heads were filled with worries, do we couldn't hear them. A slight psychic adjustment and we could feel the full touch of hundreds of welcoming trees. Tugging at our scalps, tickling chakras, teasing our souls.

As we rested in the arms of the green we had one more treat, the park Shakti slowly rose up and gave us a warm embrace. Imagine a giant teddy bear nuzzling you.

As we reluctantly leave the park for an appam & stew breakfast, we leave packed with gifts. Freshness, health pumped up, mind restored and a very crucial lesson. What lesson? you ask. We don't hear the universe, not because the cosmos is silent, but because our minds are clogged, ears chock-full of a 101 worries.

-- Celia & Tarun Cherian


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