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The Secret Poet

and The Joys & Confusions
of Living in A Living World.


Flowers on the road

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 “The shower of my soul is carpet for tired feet.”
Were words, uncharacteristically poetic, that fell from Celia’s lips.
“That’s a lovely phrase.” I complemented her. 
“No. I didn’t say it.” Celia asserted.

Our morning walk delights in the world.
And the world beneath.
“Look the dog.”
“Yes, I agree the foot’s aura is red. I am giving it healing”
“The woman. Check out her root.”

We were glorying in a carpet of yellow flowers, brilliant on dark tar.
When Celia flung out the phrase: “The shower of my soul”
“The shower of my soul…” She continued  “…is carpet for tired feet.”
She completed the words with distracted deliberateness.

I complemented her.
But she was insistent. “No, I didn’t speak those words.
“They aren’t mine.
“Someone else spoke through me.”
“Perhaps your soul, taking over your lips” I suggested.
“Came from someone else…” Celia said. 

“A spirit guide?” I ask.
“Land spirit?”
“A poetic ghost?” I ask flippantly.

We seemed to have exhausted the full range of possibilities
When a tree tapped insistently on Celia’s head.
“Me. Me. Me.”
Oh you?!!!”
“But of course,” the tree said crossly.
“The shower of my soul is a carpet for you.”

She then added, “This Tarun Dada he just doesn’t listen.
I was saying for so long. It was me.
Who else has nice yellow flowers?”

But… Sometimes in a world with a thousand voices,
it’s hard to tell who speaks, even when it’s so clear.


We live in a living world.

An idea that scientists are increasingly in agreement with.
For example, process theorists like James Lovelock.
The Gaia hypothesis points out that The Earth is a self-regulating entity.
An organism.
Other scientists point out that the universe grows in the same way
as the human brain does.

The ultra modern world and the ancient one are in basic agreement. But as our world returns to more ancient times, there are glorious possibilities and infinite confusion.

Plant Talk

Green Gifts and Confusions. In some towns of Northern Europe, trees have been given rights of personhood. Just as we in India revere the Tulsi plant, according to Professor D Hulmes, Environmental Studies Prescott College, USA, the Scandinavians  plant a sacred tree in the center of their yards and family farms. The Tuntre or Vardtrad as the sacred Tree is called, helps create a direct connection with the nature spirits. The caring for the tree also is thought to pay respect to ancestors spirits who live in the tree.

So how can this be confusing? Well, the other day, a Devadhara student wondered if a spell of bad luck came from the wife inadvertently placing shoes near their sacred Tulsi. Perhaps the plant was offended. The answer was no. The plant doesn’t share our disgust for mud, shoes or earth. In fact, wishes us to walk on naked earth with naked feet.

Ps: Our next spiritual book will cover Tree Conversations and Plant Whispering.

Buffys Doggy Revelations

Proclaiming Animals are Sentient Beings and the ground reality. In 2015, New Zealand passed The Animal Welfare Amendment Bill, which states that animals, like humans, are "sentient" beings. The bill bans the use of animals for the testing of cosmetic products.  Asserts Dr Virginia Williams, chair of the National Animal Ethics Advisory Committee. "To say that animals are sentient is to state explicitly that they can experience both positive and negative emotions, including pain and distress."

While this is certainly good news, the simple truth is in 2016, New Zealanders feasted on 40kg of chicken each, 18kg of pork, 10kg of beef and veal, and 1kg of lamb and mutton {Source}. By comparison, India’s consumption of poultry meat is estimated at around 1 kg per capita per annum{Source}.  And according to The National Sample Survey Office, Indians consume just 60 gm Beef and Mutton a year. Sure in New Zealand, there has been a marked decline in Beef, and Lamb & mutton consumption. 17kg Beef, 19kg of lamb and mutton were the percapita consumption in 2006. But is this due to appreciation of animal rights or just the fact chicken is relatively cheaper?  New Zealand meat info: of Indian meat info: }.

For some of the great joys and confusions of living in a living world do read Buffy’s Doggy Revelations. Especially how Tarun turned veg, and what Buffy thinks about veggies!

Land & Forest Spirits. And the issues of recognising Land as a Juristic person. Awhile ago, we had taken Amita to encounter the spirit of her land. She had to sell most of it and was moving on. The land gave Amita 2 incredible gifts. In the first she allowed Amita to look through her eyes, to sense the multi-level silences, the deep gestalts that weave existence. The second was a token that would let her link up with any land spirit anywhere in the world. The earth would become her friend. So you turn around and say I much connect with my land spirit.

But before we rush off the heads of some are spinning. Land spirits or figments of an overheated imagination? you wonder. We had in an earlier article Healing homes Darning Lives related how we had seen an earth energy form and how the owner had seen it similarly. The image below, reveals the reality of land spirits.

Home Healing. Lands Spirits

Ok so they are real, and usful to know. The thing is they are also woven into the very fabric of our lives. In the area, in which our centre is located, there are 2 land spirits. One is forceful, impatient. On it is a more upmarket neighbourhood. Another is quieter, enduring, deep. The second has a poorer shanty town, but allows them to endure to take life’s grind. So in effect understanding land spirits can give us the strength to take life in its stride, handle our challenges.

Okay, before you rush off and try connecting with the land spirit,  the thing is land spirits can be cantankerous. Scary. And downright dangerous. Remember in the article on forest spirits we had encountered their ugly side? Where when staying in an estate a land spirit had tried to attack? The truth is that of all the most scary spirits that exist, the most difficult and violent can be Land Spirits. Often they have good reason to be. So, let’s conclude, connecting up with land spirits is useful if not vital. But caution is clearly called for.

If things are hairy psychically, they become hair raising when it enters the official, the legal domain. In The Babri Masjid Case, Allahabad high Court Judge, Dharam Veer Sharma made an inspired, and contentious argument in his judgement. “The disputed site is the birthplace of Lord Ram. Place of birth is a juristic person and deity. It is personified as the spirit of the divine…”  Reflect on the extraordinary thought behind the words: “The disputed site is… a juristic person and deity”. In effect, he has embodied the mystic view… land is a juristic person. Land is alive, a person and has rights judicially speaking. Wonderful. And the spiritualist in me applauds. The pragmatist is tearing his hair out. For innumerable questions arrive who speaks for the land? Can I jump up and say "Nandi hills asked me to be its friend" {it did}. "And its legal owner, so all the 10,000 odd acres of land is mine?" {It didn't}. Second, are the so-called protectors of the land truly its protectors? Awhile ago, we had gone to a sacred lake. But because it was deemed sacred, it was completely surrounded by 100 odd marble and concrete structures. Which meant the lake had stopped being a lake, where nature could visit its banks, where rain water could wash through the land, where the squelch of mud, the rustle of reed, the croak of frogs, the cry of herons was heard, where deer could drink and the odd leopard visit. It was now little more than a large clean pond.

The truth is we live in a living world.
Remembering the sacredness of the world is vital.
No one however said such a process is without its confusions.
And challenges.

Love & God
Celia & Tarun Cherian

Cofounders Creator's Child & Devadhara Healing


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