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The Experience: 'The other day I was just passing our computer room when I saw Celia sitting on the chair. As I walked on, bare seconds later, lo and behold I saw Celia in the next room too. "Celia" I asked her, "were you sitting here a minute ago?" "Yes" she replied. She hadn't stirred out of the sofa for about half an hour. She was fairly puzzled, then I explained that bare seconds ago I had seen her in the computer room too! She had been in the computer room and on the sofa in another room at the same time! Of course I had only seen her from the back, but still, physically, there was absolutely no way she could have moved from one room to the other without rushing past me. That left us with two incredible choices: Either Celia had zoomed from one room to another through walls. Or Celia had been in 2 places at the same time!

Using our intuition we zeroed in on option 1. The Double Body One. And then it hit, we had been priviliged to once again experience the double body phenomenon.

Proof that Double Body Experiences Are Real: Now this is not the first time we have seen double body experiences. We have related it in Buffy's Doggy Revelations. When it happened with Buffy there were two times when Nishigandha Nirgudkar was present too. So there are 3 witnesses to confirm double body experiences are real. Well, you may dismiss Celia, Nishi's and Tarun's witnessing. That is your right. But there is Hard Proof. Quantum experiments have revealed that atoms can be in 2 places at the same time. Some theorists, explain this by saying, we are quantum waves that can manifest in this space and that space simultaneously. String theorists go furthur, they propose a multi-dimensional universe where higher order entities can manifest in lower order dimensions. This we and our advanced students know to be absolutely true, we are indeed higher order beings projecting into time and space. Now if this is true, and it is true, the implications are incredible...

1. We are higher-order beings projecting into time and space. Theoretically as we connect with our higher order being that some call the soul then we should be able to reach mukti, rewrite our destiny, and play hop-scotch through time-space-matter.

In one student's case, she was supposed to die at a certain age, let's say 32, as both psychics and the medical profession broadly agreed. Could we do something about it? Well, we took her to her soul level, from there she managed to shift her life plan. 10 years later she is alive, though certainly not in the pink of health. But why you may ask can't everything be changed? It can... and it can't.

2. We can be in two places at the same time. Some years ago, Tarun was having a discussion with Anita Nair, and she related that Tantrics in part of Kerala are supposed to be able to shift across time, space and attack victims.

While this may seem wow, but before all our novelists and movie makers run off and craft scripts about it, here's the thing, it is incredibly stupid, here you have seen you are a luminous being, and there you sink furthur into the gutter.

3. We are Free: Can move through Time, Space & Matter. A student of ours was going through a deep depression, one night he was on the brink of something stupid when Celia projected into his room and tapped him on his shoulder. He felt it and related it the next day.

While we have used astral travel and body projections, the most we have achieved consciously is a smoky presence visible to a few highly trained students.

4. Our bodies are 'projections and can be transformed immensely. In the last 4 decades of spiritual exploration, we have seen full fledged double body experiences, about 5-15 times with Buffy, and 5 times with ourselves. With semi-real projections the number goes up several hundred times.

Psychic history often talks about werewolves, where humans transform themselves into animals. A friend, Norman*once related, exactly such an ability. He could by reaching an inner point change the physical height of his body by 2-3 inches. He however did so rarely as his wife found it creepy.

Theoretically we can transform utterly, and therefore claim total health, reverse ageing utterly. In actuality it is not so simple. In most cases we have undergone double bodies, it has been the reverse, we were either ill, or on the brink of illness, as if the energy matrix had become so disturbed other freedoms emerged. But why? Shouldn't greater power lead to greater goodies? Consider this, let us say you are accustomed to working with a program like word or excel, you are used to standard commands. But let's say you have access to deeper level coding, you may do more with it, or you may compromise the system integrity of your computer as a whole. Basically as we claim higher level powers, we need greater trust and ability.

5. We can bridge the gap between me and you. "I had gone to the hospital, was taking care of my dad, when I came home and looked down I saw my leg was swollen like his... Oh God, what's happening? Why once again?" -- Diana asks. We assure her that far from being a curse, this receptivity, body-sharing is the highest form of empathy. To be in a thousand bodies beat with many hearts. Not from outside, but deep within." -- To quote Lord Sarvottamma. "Sometimes people think they are alone, we are training you to be a blood bridge we assure her."

6. We can explore parallel worlds and other realms. "I was walking but I was not drunk, half the world was familiar city sidewalks, but i kept getting flashes of a green world and sluglike creatures, where the ground is slippery. My breath is fiery. My skin appears." Celu-Tarun, am I going mad? Asked a seeker. Is it a past life. No. Not really. You are simultaneously in two worlds." Now we have taken numerous students like Ashwin, Cathy, Diana, Divya, Kanak, Ravi, Shweta, Srijith, Tanya, Vasu to parallel worlds. Of course if you know our Socratean way of working, we keep giving them stringent psychic tests to ensure they are bridging realities and not indulging in fictions.

7. We maybe in many parallel spaces without realising it.

'When we continued to investigate. We obviously asked if Celia had she felt anything different? Well, she confessed, she had been drifting in and out of a kind of sleep.' She had not consciously realised she was in two places, but a deeper self was aware. How do we know that? For as we asked the question did you know that you were travelling, a part of her aura connected to higher wisdom came alight.



double body experience


8. Misuse of 'Astral Travel-Double Body' Powers. And The Consequence. It is said that 60% of net activity is dedicated to porn. That 50% of all nation-building goes to line the pockets of the corrupt. The simple truth is if 95% of humans could do double body or serious astral projection they'd use it to pile on to a hot model, rob a bank, kill an enemy... Does that leave you feeling nervy? Don't be.

We have taught all our healers, seekers and astral travellers potent protections. "You know Tarun-Celu I kept feeling someone trying to touch me in the bath, I used your protection, I kept feeling it was my neighbour. A few days later, I found he had burnt his hands. Was it because of me?"

A deep seeker Shyamala* found a figure stalking her in her dreams, stripping her clothes. When she told us about it, we pursued the figure astrally, chasing him relentlessly, then used the equivalent of a butcher's knife to cut off the astral extensions or wings chained him to his body. The consequnce of this will limit his astral explorations.

Also at a deep psychic level there are psychic cops or angels. "Astral Travel, Double Body activity, stand out in the psychic landscape. They look like multi-colour lines. We are actually extremely excited when such activity occurs, for it means transegoic growth. But if a practitioner is relentlessly violative of higher principles we allocate guides, contact his higher spirits, cordon him off or send psychic beasts after him." -- Says Nurya, a psychic warrior. "But remember we do not share human moralism. we may encourage a repressed being to explore astrally. Till you have been touched with astral fingers you have not been touched at all. Also, sexuality, man-woman bonking does not really exist beyond the lower astral level. So as you grow you will find a curious indifference set in... we can deepen this to apathy."

9. Multi-Body Existence. The other day we were talking to Buffy, now a formidable spirit in the afterworld, when she excitedly told us, "I am here talking and I am in 6 places. I am a big girl. Only very biggy spirits can do this. When you can do this give bite there, kissy here, ghumba there, huggoo to a saddy, properly only then will Goddy make ou a proper helper."

Expanding on this, our spirit guide, Lord Sarvottamma, "Now, I can have 12 deep conversations with cosmic creators at the same time, 1000 conversations with seekers like you, support around 10 million neophytes at the same time. At one point, when I was exploring the earth I was a beetle, I could do one thing at a time, forgetting it most of the time... But that said, I then a beetle, rejoiced in my life with great intensity."

"Many of you talk of oneness. But you cannot really understand it till you understand manyness at the scale Buffy is talking about. Or Celia demonstrated. To be in a thousand bodies beat with many hearts. Not from outside but deep within. Today she has done it unconsciously and yet those freedoms spread... many read... some are catapulted astrally, etherically..."

  -- Love & God, Tarun & Celia


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