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Crowned by light.

A brief discussion on the advanced aspects of the crown and crown ++++ chakras by Tarun Cherian.

In most psychic texts, the crown chakra, is picturised as a lotus usually about 6 inches above the head. It is often regarded to be the highest human chakra {After that tan-ta-tan…}. And is associated with divine connections, pipelines to soul purpose and meaning. Like most conventional descriptions it's very valid, yet highly limiting.

So deep was Subbulakshmi's awakening, she could barely stand when healing. Most babies have a brilliantly open crown as the key chakra. Kosty described his grass-assisted crown opening as the pop like a champagne cork from the top of his head. Others have felt it like a vast dizzying. A golden rush. A golden lotus. An unbearable gush. {Now virtually all of our ‘students' have felt this, for our attunements are at the crown to crown++++ levels}

But what is this? That seems to flow down? Open up? The invisible bodies above the top of our heads are places where the soul kisses the spirit, suckles it and forms it. With…er…what? Energy naturally, but what tone of it?

Often in discussions we use words like divine connection or purpose to describe what the crown chakra deals with. But that's dry. Opening the crown chakra is…is…is…a mix of being stoned, blessed, very alive, deeply linked up. Soul Sap, Wisdom Liqueuer or Stuff that forms the Web of Life is perhaps a finer descriptor.

Like clouds above the earth, this glow above our skulls has, we believe, a few charecteristic formations, that reveal deep states of your being .

A). It can be practically non-existent. Meaning that the person may be deeply wrapped up in life. Does that mean that the person's level of experience is less? No, the soul level can be accessed through other chakras. The deepest astral travellers often tend to prefer the solar over the crown. For example, many of Shankar and Dhiraj's soul level experiences were triggered by solar chakra movements.

While some link the crown chakra's appearance to the physical functioning of the brain, we believe this is more true of the chakras at the physical top of head. For example a severely brain-damaged street waif had a magnificent crown, while every other major chakra showed deep disturbances.

B). It forms Crowns, Skull Caps and Halos. Celu & I were giving an advanced healing to Angel when a magnificent crown – and here we mean truly magnificent, gold mined from other worlds, the stones surely stolen from angels – descended from the light onto her head. We looked at each other, for confirmation. Yes we had seen a crown descend on her head. What did she feel? Like the light had crowned her.

Chakras represented by King's Crowns sit more squarely on the head and are often connected to the consciousness not just from the point at the top of the head, but from the ring of chakras at the brow level. So it indicates a strong acceptability to a range of beliefs held by the person. Interestingly, in the case mentioned above, the image was relatively stable and both of us, Celu & I had seen the jewels with almost the same colours! Clearly, an astral object of some stability had been formed.

As an aside: {Now consider the ironies in this: The King's crown has been a mimicry of the crown chakras opening. So ingrained is it now in the psyche/ astral matrix, that the symbol becomes the experience. And the experience becomes an object that can be used psychically.}

The skull cap a little like that which an evil witch wears in He-man, is we believe a special case of the crown. Here the brow chakra circle becomes more critical. The use of the skull cap by religions, helps dampen the inner revelation and link it to the description/ vision held in the brow. Some will argue integrating the visions more. Some will say it's a condom on the head.

In some cases we've seen halos. In this instance 3 chakras are usually lit. The Bindu. 3rd eye and crown.

C). It forms discs. Usually a little above the head, sometimes encircling it more at the brow level. The disc represents a stable state, a state of being deeply connected. This may or may not be accompanied by deep revelation, but an underlying calm or deep connectivity. The greater the spin, the greater the activity. A sahasrara chakra we saw for a grandma from a traditional religious background had a wheel of gods. And indeed the classic crown chakra does store images or triggers of God forms! By contrast a student with a dark line in the crown has a distinct aversion to the Gods.

D). It forms Lotus shapes. For example 2 years ago, when Vinesh, Vinod, Celu & I were visited by some big time spiritual consciousnesses, our crown's literally popped open in sort of giant lotuses.

The Lotus can spread far wider than expected. A student had a crown that spread a good 10 feet. On a walk with Nishi on the outskirts of town, I found my crown merge with the skies. He experienced a oneness with beings 45 miles in radius.

The Lotus is a special case of the disc that deserves its own classification. It's more open upward than the disc, yet more closed to horizontal experience. And not as greedy for new experience as the funnel.

E). It's forms a diffuse cloud. This we believe represents a blurring of lines between the personality and other people, beings and ideas. During a deep healing for Ruth, Celu saw Tarun's crown merge with Ruth's. They experienced it as a kind of deep melding together. Where do I start where do you end kind of thing.

F). It forms funnels and vortexes. This we believe represents a highly active state where the embodied consciousness is reaching actively, up and beyond its usual states. In this example Rachna's crown had not one but many layers of vortexes. Clearly indicating it is drawing on varied levels of soul level knowledge.

G). It forms multi tiered structures. Here the idea of the crown's role as the last stop before the godhead gets undermined. The crown chakra, we've discovered, like the wedding cake can be many-tiered. Soaring far above conventional description. See depiction of Celu's crown with 5 chakras climbing up. The top most, a good 6 feet above the head, actually touching (vibrating) the soul level. For Rachna, we spotted a 4-layer crown, which when stimulated took her to her soul level. For Litna it was like a beanstalk reaching impossibly high. During one healing Tarun experienced his crown as a towering gopuram with 24 levels.

The opened crown and crown+++ chakras we believe represents an openness to seeing from the soul's perspective. As one moves above the crown, we believe that the higher the chakras reach, the stronger the psyche's ability to access its heights. And the less conventional the imageries and visions poured down. Secondly, we feel, the more differentiated the levels, the greater the ability to process energy, visions at various levels.

The multi-tiered crown is really multiple discs or lotuses often connected or separated by energy cords or spaces. So each disc represents a hub of stable energy backed by a layer, it represents a stable and differentiated structure.

H). It forms candle flames. Unlike the multitiered crown, with stable formations, the flame is usually more mobile and so the experience of self too will feel vastly different, literally as if lit. This is usually associated with the person's consciousness rising so high it ignites itself and experiences its bliss. For example, the other day we saw 2 grassed out boys with big purple, yellow magenta flames waving on their heads!

I). It can pour down in golden waterfalls. This is associated with deep spiritual blessings, and spectacular descents of energy. Often seen and felt as gold showers, meteor falls, rain of crystals. This extraordinary windfall will make it near impossible for the person to do anything but just close his her or her eyes and be!

J). It can form pillars of light. This is a pattern that combines the spiral form and movements of energy up and down. It is associated with deep spiritual connections that are drawn on for deep healings and powerful attunements and revelations! Usually not stable beyond a few minutes to a maximum half an hour or so.

K). It can create a new circuit. A hyper chakra.

When Shekhar went inward to meet his spirit guides, his crown and 3 chakras above the crown lit up. Then the solar plexus radiated energy almost as if projecting out his sheath of expectations. The 4 th chakra above the crown then radiated a light tendril that animated the sheath. This sent a tendril of golden light energy to his root and the spiral was complete. Much like water and a glass where the soul-crown provides substance modulated by the form of the solar plexus.

Buffy, our doggy-daughter and reiki master, like many animals has a crown chakra. Usually a glow above her head. But when she curls nose in the bum, she radiates out above her curled body a great flower of energy light.

This parallels an experience I had. Here when my crown was lit, all the chakras formed a giant energy complex that formed a chakra in the ‘body' of a vaster being! I felt as if my whole being was one chakra in a being formed by my many other lives.

So when a crown and crown+++ chakras are lit. And when that light is so right, it can light one's entire being, when that happens one of God's chakras comes alight. A minor one maybe. Not bright as it should or can be, but still…

Tail piece: Now people sometimes ask what's the point of having an opened crown…they're missing the point. The experience is the purpose, the process, the end. An open crown is blissful that's its highest purpose. The bliss nourishes. The spinnerets of life-purpose or soul-sap secreted form the web of life. The bliss itself must weld with, must crown the rest of the soul's experience. Some have complained that days of undiluted bliss gets almost too much. When he's had too much heaven God wears the mask of man and pretends to be us…





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