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Curing the Incurable by Akber Ayub

The power of the body, mind and spirit are brought together to facilitate deep healing. In a simple healing technique called DEVADHARA




Before you sigh and shut this out as another esoteric sounding healing system, take a look at its remarkable benefits: heals at the physical, emotional and spiritual levels – from chronic , degenerative and life threatening diseases to depression, childhood traumas and other mind afflictions to psychic attacks, oppression issues from the past and aura blocks . All this, through simple healing techniques discovered and codified by a rather unlikely couple from Bangalore : Tarun Cherian, the one-time ad man with his flowing tresses and the quick-witted, roly-poly Celia who has a constant twinkle in her eyes. The duo has treated an amazing 19,000 patients over a 12-year period.

Devadhara literally translates to ‘flow of God'. Say Tarun and Celia, “ Our way of healing is simply a process where we go deep within, to ‘ask' the Creator to accelerate the healing. Our approach has several distinguishing aspects.” What are these aspects and how does it work? They elaborate: “We are souls on earth. So beneath our physical bodies lie complex energy structures that we call Super Bodies. Through transforming them one achieves greater wellbeing.” This ‘Super body Healing Paradigm' avers that the lower portions of our auras are imbued with our life force Prana , the energies that the Chinese call c hi . Other parts of the aura carry more complex energies. Still others use forces that are even more subtle. Devadhara healing uses the entire spectrum of energies, from the lower, dense power to the higher, subtler energies with very high vibrations. This novel approach, founded by Tarun and Celia following years of basic psychic research' increases the body's natural healing potential by, among other things, enhancing the subconscious mind's ability to heal the body. While Reiki deals with energy twists at the chi level and Pranic healing is concerned with energy issues at the Pranic level, Devadhara deals with aura, activated by the life energies and influenced by the spiritual baggage of the individual. E mpowered through meditations and precise psychic techniques, the powers of the body, mind and spirit are brought together to felicitate deep healing . It's as of Devdhara techniques allow us to metabolise Divine Light into our cellular structure as life force.










The step-by-step process involves gaining a deep understanding of the problem using advanced aura scans, past life maps and soul level energy sensing. “We work with the entire bandwidth of energy – from energies at the physical level to soul level energies to past life” says Tarun. This is followed by a deep healing session which addresses past life issues, soul level barriers and releases all aura blocks. Serious, chronic and debilitating illnesses almost inevitably involve the deepest levels from where they need to be uprooted. The result? You are not merely healed, but restored, rejuvenated and energized. However, aver the duo, the real benefit of Devadhara healing goes beyond mere physical relief, it sometimes brings about a deep realignment of one's life through unraveling dormant spiritual realms. Asserts Tarun, “ Devadhara operates from the perspective that each one of us is a vast, multidimensional being, spanning the physical planes to soul levels. And so serious illness is a ‘spiritual dilemma presented in cellular dictates.' Hence, we employ a multi-dimensional energy healing.” That explains the wide scope of Devadhara healing that extends from physical, e motional, mental and psychic to spiritual.

Why did the Cherians take to spiritual healing? Faced with a severe health problem for which she was told there was no cure, Celia turned to a spiritual healer and succeeded in not only finding a cure but also reversing the health problem. Hooked, she soon became a Reiki master. Tarun, who has had epiphanic experiences earlier on in life, then teamed up with his wife and began exploring beyond Reiki. They also worked through Pranic healing, going deeper into subtler energies and resources. Their quest for a ‘universal healing system' took them into healing traditions of Spandakarika, Tantra, Yoga, Dao, Tibetan Buddhism, Egyptian healing, Judaic systems and other traditions. Continuing their work, and guided by cosmic visions and ‘spirit guides ', they finally formulated a healing system that they called Devadhara – signifying their approach of channeling the flow of cosmic energy and intelligence, dev or God if you will, into the individual to bring about deep healing and a state of health and well being. How does Devdhara relate to other systems of healing? “We have no problem with that. In fact, we are for cross integration,” says Tarun, meaning the system can be integrated seamlessly with allopathic, ayurvedic or homeopathic treatments, if necessary.

The key process of Devadhara is the rather simple ‘Finger of God' connection . Here, the Devadhara healer from level one itself learns to draw on the ultimate source – the cosmic energy. This writer took the first level healer's course over two days and picked up, first of all, skills in using various tools employed in the healing process: unique chants and cosmic healing sounds that Tarun and Celia came up with intuitively, techniques to strengthen weak and defective aura and remove negative energy, and ‘activators' like pictures and diagrams derived through cosmic visions and yet other intuitive aura sensing tools. Participants were taught how to observe auras and interpret them to understand inner energies and the state of health at various levels. They were taught about the major chakra points and how body systems and aura energies interrelate. Also tools to protect the healer and the healed, techniques to fill and repair aura defects that signal disease, various healing mudras and real-life case studies. All this at the first level. There are in fact four levels or grades that a Devadhara healer can aspire to: level one is the empowered healer, then the advanced healer. Next, the soul healer and finally the teacher or master. The second level equips the healer with advanced healing techniques that use emotive tools, thought commands and aura re-engineering work. Skill to use advanced energy tools like cosmic healing sounds, comprehensive crucibles, power symbols and Devadhara imagineering are imparted. At level 3, the healer gets soul level awakenings and learns soul level healing techniques . At level 4, the master healer acquires abilities to connect directly with the source, to treat serious afflictions and to teach all lower levels. Of course, Devadhara can be used for self-healing too.










What do regular practitioners have to say about this admittedly unorthodox but nevertheless innovative healing system? “ At a personal level, I have felt a tremendous shift towards positivity, and sessions with them have instilled a sense of worth and meaning in my existence. I have been able to heal the hurt and pain of my difficult circumstances,” says Roshni who, while grappling with a tough life-situation, completed a ‘Soul Exploration' session with Tarun and Celia and went on to do the first level healer's course. Other participants of the workshop voice similar sentiments. Says Ashwini (name changed) who had been grappling with a number of health issues, “the most important thing that I have learnt from Tarun & Celia is to ‘Demand Miracles'. They reinforced my belief that my conditions can be reversed and anything is curable. I underwent several deep healing sessions, addressed past life issues, and energy tears or aura blocks.” Reflecting the multi-level healing approach of Devadhara, she adds, “the healing extended beyond just the physical, and it permeated to all aspects of my being – mental, emotional and spiritual.”