Tickle 44
This, the 44 th issue of Tickle, a regular e-newsletter. It is the voice of Creator's Child. An initiative built around the core concept: Know God, Use God, Be God. This Tickle, there are 4 full grown articles. Just as Meera has in this article, we would like you to contribute. Tickle is your space to share what's meaningful, amazing and God-touched. A healing. An insight. An incident. But, whatever u send must have happened to you. Or be your own thoughts. You can join the yahoo group at http://in.groups.yahoo.com/group/CCTickle  

The Wonder of Generosity.

The Power of Intent.

"My boss someone I barely knew, a stranger then, gave me Rs 8 lakhs, no questions asked!"  

“It was summer of 1999. My eldest daughter Reetu got admission to pursue her masters degree in Oakland University , Michigan . The hitch was the money to be shown for her studies was 20 lakhs. And I had only 1.5 lakhs which would cover her first semester.

“No bank was ready to give me the money as I did not have a full time permanent job. I felt terrible and disappointed. One person wanted Rs. 10,000/- just to show 5 lakhs in my account for a day. I paid that Rs. 10,000/- with great difficulty. My friend Lali Mathew gave 80,000/- ,Lavanya's father gave 1,000,00/- I still needed at least 8 lakhs more to show on paper.

“I was frustrated and so was my daughter. I was looking for jobs furiously. An ad in the paper with the “Statue of Liberty” made me curious. At the Cunningham Road , interview site, I saw a huge line of students…

Miracle #1: “Very hesitantly I entered the office, I was directed to one of the directors… the minute he heard I was living in the U.S. he offered me a seat and chatted up a little bit and said you got the job. He asked how much I wanted? I had no clue about the market rate or anything. I said Rs. 15,000/- and he said wait and got the offer letter printed, then and there. He didn't allow me to go out till I signed on it. This was in the month of May, 1999.

Miracle #2: “Wow! That was something wasn't it. Now I thought perhaps I could get some loans for my daughter. I joined the company in 10 days and started working and met the top guy whose name is Suresh. He sounded quite friendly and I told him I wanted leave in June as I was going for a visa interview with my daughter. He found out the details from me and out of the blue said I will give you the 8 lakhs that you need to show in your bank. I was flabbergasted. And I help people who want to study abroad, he explained, I have done this for many. Go ahead and come back with the Visa, he said with a warm twinkle in his eyes.


“I thanked God and I had heart that if there is an Intent which is true and strong the universe will provide. I believed in that statement now.

Miracle #3: “I deposited the money in the bank and we went for the Visa. My uncle drove us all night and reached Chennai early morning. At the embassy, Reetu & I had a sinking feeling, there was this long, long, long queue, would we miss our chance? What could we do? Suddenly an unlikely saviour came from nowhere. An auto driver asked if we want to go in the front. I simply said yes and sat inside the auto. He took me out to the front and dropped me off at the very beginning. By 8:15 a.m, my daughter had come out. She'd got the Visa! Another miracle.

“What I learned from this experience is never to give up and get frustrated. And of course to thank the good people who helped me, Suresh {My generous boss}, Hiremath, Lali, my friend, Lavanya's father. God works his miracles in many ways and sends people into your lives at the appropriate time. Thank you and wanted to share it with you all.” – Meera

Thank you Meera for sharing this experience with us. And it revives our sense of goodness. The knowledge there a people with great hearts out there and in here in our chests. And if there are people who without a moment's hesitation have given us generously, it's time to give back. From our hearts. And the second lesson is that no matter how tight the spot you or I am in, God is always at hand. He may not arrive as a cheque or a conquering angel, but as a smile or even a kick in the pants.

I was in my mid 40's when I was 'forced' to apply for my first job. I was given a starting pay of 15,000. That's about 75,000 a month in today's money!


"What I learned from this experience is that never to give up..."


“God works his miracles in many ways and sends people into your lives at the appropriate time.

"Life is Miraculous." -- Creator's Child

The Cancer Patient

Who Kicked Death

in The Face.

Her heart stopped for minutes. But she didn't. She floated free. In a place blazing with stars. Vast in its freedom. Minutes or centuries later she returned back. With this incredible promise, this mission, to share with each of us the truth that death doesn't stop us.  


A year and a half ago, Reema* was diagnosed with cancer in the muscles at the upper back. A surgeon seeing it was contained, decided to operate on the tumour. It spread. Extreme radiation was used to wipeout all bone marrow. And repopulate it. An extremely painful process. This was followed by chemo therapy but the tumours proved completely resistant. The diagnosis was grim. Modern medicine had reached the edge of its power.

As she was undergoing this, Writhing in terrible anguish and pain, she fell to pieces. Literally. Going through hell, something extraordinary happened. She died. Her heart stopped for minutes. But she didn't. She floated free. In a place blazing with stars. Vast in its freedom. Minutes or centuries later she returned back. With this incredible promise, this mission, to share with each of us the truth that death doesn't stop us.

Something miraculous happened. Her anguish vanished. Her cancer didn't run. But suddenly she was calm. Powered by her revelation she turned to alternates. And then to us at Devadhara Healing.

Understanding Illness: Cancer like any serious illness is multi-layered. There are past life tangles. Terrifying ancestral burdens, centuries old. The odd ghost. Childhood hurt. A difficult work environment. And physical triggers like toluenes in the work place.

As healers we are trying to create a window with energy, support and hope through this tangle. But not at our own leisure. We have a clock. For once we let loose the dogs of war, the fact that we've changed our intention doesn't always count.

As depth healing after depth healing followed, past lives fled, ancestral boulders began to give, the pain began to recede, the number of good days have increased.

One of the places that shows the first signs of a rally or transformation is at The Astral, The subconscious or The Dream.

In an extraordinary dream, Reema* faced an extremely ugly face, dark, ugly, evil and terrible. In the dream she kicked it away. Not once but twice.

Does that mean she is automatically going to get better? The answer is that it means that she is fighting at her subconscious level too. That deep down – she wants to live.

And that is huge.

We are in the middle of Reema*s healings. And in it there is light and darkness.

But it is not just light for her. But dawn for you. For through her pain she has brought us, all of us, a precious gift, a reminder that though we live on earth we are lights. That death when it comes can only take our clothes but not our life. That we are free. That we have wings. That we can touch the stars. And bring a few back here.

The Devadhara 5 point Formula for Miracles.

We at Devadhara have a simple formula for assessing whether a miracle will happen.

First does the person have the will to live. This has to be a bloody-minded desire. Not just a polite preference.

Next, is the person open to and receiving energy.

Next, at the physical level are there medicines, herbs, techniques, food, that can reverse or at least support?

Fourth, is the person confronting the conflicts, this does not mean is he talking issues over like a psychologist may. But is he willing to kick death in the face.

Fifth is he loved. And supported.

Now we would like every Devadhara healer to read this and reread this. This is a five-point program for miracles.

And yet, the miraculous as we have all seen, has all shades of white. From reduction of pain to an absolute remission. But beyond a mere removal of cancer, there is an even greater prize that deep illness brings. And that is immortality. The knowledge that we live on. That gravity is a lie. Bone is maya. In Reema's case she has already won that prize. The greatest gifts. All we are doing is helping her in the dog fight wrestling her bone back from a predator some call pain, some call cancer.


The Touch

of God.


We have been having a number of Devadhara Teaching Sessions this year. And what struck us was how remarkably how each of you could see auras. How each of you now knows your greater dimensions. And also, like all the Devadhara Healers of old. And Spiritual Explorers how magnificently the touch of God transformed each of you. We relate what happened to the new Devadhara Healers as a reminder to us all that we are all connected to the infinite, the glorious… to God.

To some the blessing is a homecoming: like it was to Indroneil: “I couldn't stop my tears. It was like an intense feeling of homecoming. An open space light yellow and blue threw open its doorway. As if someone put their hands on my shoulders and… a door within swung open… and a door within that and another… An overwhelming feeling.” Precisely what Mita felt: I simply couldn't bear it… it was that intense… Rahul put it simply, but beautifully with: I went deeper inside…

An Kaliedoscope of Colours : To some its colours of life swirling within… as Georgina put it ‘There were immense bursts of purple… I felt like crying… brilliant… can't describe it… Peymaneh too like Georgina also saw purple, brilliant swathes of purple… {As some of us know purple is a soul colour a past life colour, a colour of deep transformation of intense issues.} Puja was ecstatic: It was a shivery whirlwind, a kaleidoscope of colour… I was experiencing the whole universe!!!

Electric Energy : Some have described the touch of the shakti as lightning!And Smitha felt electric shocks. Literally!!!

Chakras charged, Mind Opened : Durga felt the blessing at her feet chakra : I felt lots of energy at my feet and head… Meera too felt her feet swirling with force.Vivek was visibly shaken… his heart opened up and glowing…Magesh felt his 3rd eye open, and a brilliant white. To Balaji his 3rd eye began rotating, his mind opened and went into a vastt blankness, green, everywhere was green.

Some see The Cosmic as Abstract : as Kala did, to her was revealed an inner mandala: A trangle of intense green dominated my inner vision.

Some see God, the way he is portrayed: "I felt a deep tranquillity… violet and amazing images of lord Shiva…" -- Reiji

However, you have glimpsed the infinite the truth is that that reminder must push us to stretch the limits of our world and being. To glimpse God places on each of us a great blessing… freedom… and responsibility.

“I couldn't stop my tears. It was like an intense feeling of homecoming... " - Indroneil

"I simply couldn't bear it… it was that intense… --Mita

‘There were immense bursts of purple…" -- Georgina

"I felt electric shocks. Literally!!!" -- Smitha

"I felt lots of energy at my feet and head… " -- Durga

"Energy swirled at my feet… " -- Meera

"My Heart felt larger... Beautifully lit..." -- Vivek

"My 3rd eye opened with a brilliant white... " -- Magesh

"My 3rd eye began rotating, mind went into a vast blankness... green, everywhere was green..." -- Balaji

"It was a shivery whirlwind, a kaleidoscope of colour… I was experiencing the whole universe!!!" -- Puja.

"I felt a deep tranquillity… violet and amazing images of lord Shiva…" -- Reiji


The Price

of God.


Past Life? Or Hallucination? Keeping Sane in The Deep End of Spiritual Extremes:

The other day Bela called up an experience had shaken her to her booties. To paraphrase what she said:

“I was standing downstairs in my lobby area, with my daughter, when a woman came walking down the stairs. As I looked at her face, I saw a wavy energy cover it like a veil. And I could see another face emerge. There were two faces dancing out. A child's face I had never seen. And the woman in this life. Who was this woman? My intuition scrabbled around and came up with the word Deepali. Who? Deepali? I knew a Deepali but she was abroad.

“The person came and stood in front of me, oddly. Expecting to be recognised. That's when my daughter said “MA!” and pulled me out of my trance. It was Deepa. My best friend. I had been so immersed in a vision {Or is it a hallucination} I couldn't recognise my best friend. And the name Deepali… while officially her name is Deepali. It's Deepa to me and everyone.”

Calming The Seeker: It is said that if you have been hit by a grenade it takes awhile before anything makes sense. This experience like many spiritual experiences can hit us with tremendous force. We are like survivors walloped by a bomb's shockwaves. You try to get up. You stand. You puzzle over what happened. You try to piece your world together. Now the first thing when we are hit by something is to find inner balance. We sent energies to calm Bela down. Lower the intensity.

Understanding: Next obviously is to understand what are we seeing? Was it Deepa's past life? Or Bela hallucination? Was it Deepa's past life? A childhood personality, making an appearance? A ghost peering out? Was it a ghost in Bela's brain? Check. Cross check. Doubt. Certainty.

The Incredible Past Life Revelation: We came to a crazy conclusion. Not only was it that Bela was looking at Deepa's past life. But here's the hairy part, it was Bela's past life looking at Deepa's past life! While the present lives looked on and tried to manage.

The Quick Fix: The next thing we look at as spiritual guides is the quick fix. For Bela was understandably worried. “What if my daughter's not around to shake me up? Second, what if I am in the middle of a road? Third, unsaid, if I can't distinguish, past-present-future will I go mad? The quick fix, is typically a set of tools given to spiritual explorers. Protection. Warnings. Centering. Grounding. Cleansing. Etc., {Devadhara Healers and O! explorers kindly look at your level 1 notes}. In Bela's case, we also, reached into her psyche and created a sub-loop, so her consciousness has an override circuit.

"...The spiritual can hit us with tremendous force.

"We are like survivors walloped by a bomb's shockwaves. You try to get up. You stand. You puzzle over what happened. You try to piece your world together."


Have you bantofied sweets? Quick fixes done, we could now turn to the more important issues before us. That Bela hadn't ‘bantofied sweets' to the neighbours. And why should she ‘bantofy sweets' to the neighbours? Because Bela had just seen reality stretched. And how. For Bela had seen a past-life with as incredible vividity as eyeshadow on a friend's eyes. The spiritual far from slinking in the shadows was parading itself out there. It was so insistent, she couldn't remember her friend. And very often, after a spiritual experience that challenges us, we forget to bantofy sweets. whether a ghost has tried to strangle us, or a past life takes over our eyes, we should remember that beneath the feeling of being shaken, we must be grateful, must remember how precious it is what we have received. For we have been gifted the Stars above the Stars. Light beyond Bone. Flickers beneath the Dust. Joy within the Muck. And yes each of you Devadhara Healers, O! seekers, Creator's Child Aura clients have received precisely this a chink in the worlds pragmatism. The question have you bantofied sweets for being able to see beyond Maya?

We now turn to another aspect of deep spiritual experiences. And that is going into the heart of it.

The Past Life Implication#1 The past is not dead. Time is an illusion: By seeing a past life face superimposed on her friend's face we are lead to realise that past lives aren't past. Their influence lives in us right now. But is it just influences? As we questioned Bela, she recalled that the face was alive, moving its lips. And then it lead to the incredible possibility we introduced you to in the The Chronicle of Death & Rebirth. When we pushed further we realised that it wasn't Bela seeing Deepa's past Life. It was Bela's Past Life seeing Deepa. There were two Bela's in Bela looking at two Deepa's. The past is not dead. Time is an illusion.

But how is it possible? Now there are texts that talk about parallel worlds. The one great difference from those delving into the universe through books, and those with human teachers and spirit guides is that a book can talk. A teacher can take you there…

"...spiritual experiences aren't experiences. They are opportunities to grow. To integrate deeper knowledge. Actually they are more... they are opportunities to be integrated. To be integrated into the vastness that is you. That is I."  

The Past Life Implication#2 You can get your past life to speak through your current life face: To help Bela wrap her mind around this, I talked to her with 6 of my past lives present. I then got her to count the number of Past Lives in me. Obviously there are huge problems with this and I definitely don't want you to invite a past life personality in, it may decide not to leave… A Teacher Explains How A Teacher Explains: For those who will one day be teachers, let's look at this closer. I was first familiarising Bela with her experience, showing her how you can have not one, not two but an infinity within us and still say reasonably sane. By demonstrating it. Next by getting her to do something like count the many lives, I was showing her that there are many ways by which we can confirm the reality of the non-physical. Last, by getting her to count things, I was boringofying things, she was shifting her mind to an accountancy mode, a down-to-earth atta-bhave mode and so her free ranging spiritual self and earthly self were being forced to share the same cabin.

The Past Life Implication#3 The Energy Pattern: The fact, that the face seemed wavy indicated that it was an energy pattern leading us to the possibility that all creation is an energy pattern.

The Price of Spiritual Experience: Now that we have gone through the experience it is time to turn back to the price tag. The fact is this spiritual experience and all spiritual experiences are bought at a price. The more insistent inner reality is, the more it stretches our reality, and our very being. It can inflate our egos, break our minds, haunt our nights, destroy our careers, turn our world topsy turvy, rip up our life.

We were giving healing to a patient Kahinni* {Name changed to protect identity} when we realised that one of the reasons for her fragile health occurred post a kundalini awakening workshop in the united states.

Alisha* {Name changed to protect identity} was travelling by auto-rickshaw when she had this amazing experience where she became part a circuit of the whole city. But when she came out she wasn't sure – was she making it up? Or was the pop scientific approach she was taught in school the truth? Explore it, confirm it for yourself we challenged her, do ESP experiments see for yourself. But she couldn't. She couldn't bear her beautiful city experience to be proved wrong. Worse she couldn't conceive of a world without science's white walls around her. And we can understand her fear. But the truth is we have to as true spiritualists be willing to pay the price. We have to be true to The Truth.

In a Devadhara Learning Session we had recently, 6 out of the 6 participants had initiated major changes in their lives. 5 had given up their jobs for deeper callings. The Himalayas for Mita and looking after a grandchild for Meera.

Lastly, we can look at spiritual experiences as experiences. Or as realities that underlies ours. In this experience Bela's past life was looking at Deepa's past life, while the present lives looked on and tried to manage. Our past is within us, beneath us. It can be forgotten, dimly remembered or actively used. Similarly, the soul, God can be treated as glimpses or great realities that we are tendrils of. We need to in Creator's Child Parlance ‘Know God. Use God. Be God. And that can be challenging. Very. For true spiritual experiences aren't experiences. They are opportunities to grow. To integrate deeper knowledge. To be integrated. To be integrated into the vastness that is you. That is I.


"...we have to as true spiritualists be willing to pay the price. We have to be true to The Truth.



Just wanted to welcome the new Devadhara healers to the fold - Balaji, Magesh, Smitha, Kala, Puja, Georgina , Indroniel, Vivek, Mita, Durga, Meera, Reji, Homan, Rahul. May your tribe increase.

Our senior soul explorers continue their chakra journey over 4 months. Talking to trees, sniffing auras ....

Creator's Child has brought out: The Chronicle of Death & Rebirth. Tarun may have written it, Celia may have assisted. But The 65 plus stories are yours. Or enriched by yours. So if you haven't picked up your copy order it from us at creatorschild.com

Pramod has started his very own public speaking workshop, a new evening walk around Bangalore. Way to go Pramod!

Savita got married this month. A beautiful wedding in an ancient heritage temple in the Nandi foothills. Congrats.

"...Our joys, our tears... are tiny things... sometimes as tiny as the seed that births a world. Send photographs, share your stories."
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