Tickle 45


The 45 th issue of Tickle, is about Power. The Power that comes when you use God. For those just tuning in, Tickle is our regular e-newsletter. It gives voice to the central Creator's Child concept: Know God, Use God, Be God. So whenever you have glimpsed the divine, used the flame, walked with the light, been blessed with grace, you proclaim to yourself and the world that you are The Child of The Creator. You can hoard those miracles, big or small. Or you can use Tickle to share them. It can be a healing. An insight. An incident. But, whatever you send must have happened to you. Or be your own thoughts. Please do join Tickle's yahoo group at http://in.groups.yahoo.com/group/CCTickle
Know God.
The Power of Auras & intuition
Use God.
The Power to Healing, Energise, Levitate...
Be God
The Power to Shine, Care, Soar...


Lifting Coma's Darkness...

A patient in a coma. We are giving him healing. Celia realises he can hear our minds!!! We ask him if he can hear us to try & open his eyes. HE DOES! A fluttering of lashes, Eyes defocuissed but OPEN, If he wants to live to move his hand. Long seconds later, his hand moves. It's miraculous!!! Even if we cannot speak, our minds can touch. Even if we are in a coma, we can hear. Even when we are alone, we are not alone!

We know he'll survive the next critical months. But maybe he won't. But it's ok. For if our minds don't need voices, then our bodies too are conveniences.

We know he'll recover his brain, his voice, his gait, his life. But maybe he won't completely. For if our spirits don't need lips to speak then spirits can soar.

We sometimes think our miracles are big. Like parting the red sea stuff, but sometimes... a flutter of eyelashes, a whisper of a hand... a smile... can be that turning point...


Papa's Power reaches beyond Death.

Peymaneh Reveals: “In one of my trips I found the man of my life and we decided to marry. When I came back to my home town and informed my family, we went to my father's tomb to show my respect and tell him the good news. As usual, we got flowers, separated the petals and poured it on his tomb. The moment I poured all the petals on his tomb suddenly all petals began to rise and pour on my head, face and body. I was standing in front of his tomb covered by flowers, tears of joy pouring down my face, I kept exclaiming “Daddy, daddy you know, you know already, thank you for blessing me". Even my sister who is not a  big believer  in the spiritual world, was stunned, she just looked at me… she is now a big believer !!!”

Comment: We can sometimes forget how powerful and mysterious the force that we use truly is. This magnificent incident gifted to us by Peymaneh underlines this. For first her father reached out from beyond the grave, many years after he has passed away. Second it defies gravity. His blessings were so profound they lifted flowers and flung it back in her face. Third, it blesses us, for many times like Peymaneh's sister we all stand seeing the obvious power of the physical world and devalue the spiritual world. And so to all you Devadhara Healers and Creator's Child Soul Explorers here is a wake up call. If a father can from beyond the grave bless his daughter, how much more can we do here.

Our relationship with Peymaneh in fact was transformed many years ago, from a client to family, when she had come to us for an aura scan and in the middle had to take a call. Her face crumpled. She just received news, that her father had passed away. We went in deep and helped his powerful spirit un-entangle himself from the bindings of life's pull. It was an intense and explosive healing. And taught us deeply about the inner world its mazed doors, and strange denizens.

“We are Radiances.”

Devadhara Healing is dedicated to Fighting The Incurable. And that means taking on terminally ill cases and making a difference. Sometimes we inspire a miraculous cure. Sometimes the progress of the illness slows. Sometimes it can be welcome pain relief. Sometimes it is the courage to face death and smile.

One patient facing terminal cancer, found deep strength. When she knew her time had come this young mother gathered her family to her hospital bed and said goodbyes to each. In many cases she was the one doing the comforting. An hour before she died she called us up. In a sense, she felt that she had let us down, because she could fight no longer. I told Celia, “It's amazing we've got so close it's like she's asking permission to die”. We told her it was ok, that she had fought as hard, as bravely as she could, and more... and that as she herself knew{a profound near death experience} that death is not the end. We assured her that we would walk through death with her, and ease her passage. An hour after we gave her permission to go, she passed away.

A few days later she connected to us with a beautiful message “Tell people … We are radiances. Tell people … be kind…. Tell people… enjoy their lives…. Tell people there are great lights… and helpers… Tell my mother not to grieve. My sister to be strong. Tell my husband I forgive him. Tell people … We are radiances… I have to go now… ”



The Accident that was Not.

There is a set of creepy films called Final Desitination. In it, a group escape death, and are then hunted down by death. Similarly the other day someone called frantically, a tantric yogini in the middle of the forest gave her dire predictions. We explained that we can change the course of things.

A month ago, we were planning to drive to Goa , I got a dream in which the car turned upside down. Forewarned is Forearmed, say the wise. So, I sent healing to the trip. I then checked. Would we be safe? The answer was yes. Would the car be involved in an accident? The answer was no. We went ahead with the trip. Two hours, while whizzing past Tumkur, the car just stalled. An onboard chip burnt out. We were safe. The car wasn't in an accident. But the trip was jinxed.


Levitation? Wow!

Kanak Reveals: “Wanted to share a very peculiar experience that happened last night. I was asleep and sometime towards the end of the night, I became mildly awake. I realize that my own snoring caused me to come out of sleep. At that moment, I was absolutely weightless. And I knew that I was not touching my bed. Somebody/something was lifting me with a very gentle touch. I could feel the gentleness because I could feel a touch on my hip and my shoulder - although it was gentle, it was strong enough to lift me up. I was that way for about 5 secs - and I was shit scared. The moment I realized that I was scared, the hand gently rested me back on the bed.

To make things more complicated, I actually felt myself (Kanak) lifting up Kanak. Nothing like this has ever happened before. “I hope I am not hallucinating :-) I can still feel the touch of the hand (might even be a finger) that was touching my shoulder to lift me up.”

Comment: We live in a multi-levelled world. A world where the physical is not the king pin, but foot soldier. And one of the most vital tasks of a spiritualist is to be able to touch the inner self. To claim for ourselves the vast inward kingdom.

One freedom is to seize the inner astral or etheric body. And this can give us two unthinkable freedoms. The ability to move beyond space and time. To see beyond our skin. And the second to perhaps use the psycho-kinetic force of the astral/ etheric and impact the world. One spectacular such freedom is levitation.

In Kanak's case we cannot be sure if he went impressively out-of-body. Or even more miraculously he was levitating, long-distance both these possibilities are impossibly close. But either way, it does not matter. For both reveal that we are not physical. Or rather the physical is a different vibration of the spiritual.




The Power to Bring Back The Colour!

Anandhi has been a Devadhara Healer for about a year now... and one of the most beautiful things Anandhi revealed is that... Devadhara made a profound difference… to her life… “it has made everything come together again inside me.” She said “ The colour is back...”



The Blue Team Will Win.

When looking at The IPL tournament right at the start, Celia got, the blue team will win. Which wasn't too useful initially because more than half the teams were blue. But in the final, if her prediction was right it had to be Mumbai. But Mumbai scored a measly total. It was such a no-brainer we'd switched the TV off. Chennai would win. The next day we realised Celia was right. Blue did win.

Comment: Sometimes we think if we know the answer, that's it game over. But, knowing the answer doesn't always insulate you from the gut-wrenching twists and turns of life. Especially when all answers have shades of grey. For example, one day in this life or another, all of us, Obama and Osama will reach enlightenment. But the routes we take in soul discovery can go from scenic to horrific.

Royal Ancestors Rise in Brilliance...

When giving healing to a patient from an ancient royal family we realised, that in fact, part of her problems lay in ancestral pain, her ancestors felt denied, devalued. A thousand years of glory felt reduced to rubble. As we healed it an incredible thing happened, from a messy yucky black mass it unwound and became a glorious cobra with multiple heads, but not like a fan. But as if each of its heads opened a head at a chakra. And one opened with primal immensity above the crown.

Comment: Go back to the section on chakra power, and now this experience… consider the enormous implications, consider how it changes our usual understanding of Kundalini awakenings, see how the very image of the Kundalini must be transformed. Consider how ancestral energies and the kundalini are related. Consider how our very chakras, have by implication, the experience of our ancestors, and ancient histories…


Glimpse Tomorrow. Action… Shoot.

We had just happened to call Sandhya, when it just came to mind that a film opportunity would come. Two days later, Sandhya called excitedly. Uncalled for, an ad film had just come a day after my call!!!


“Help I have swallowed a camera can you help?”

One of our healing students, someone we taught a decade ago, called the other week, out of the blue from Delhi with a strange message… “Help I have swallowed a camera can you help?” As we probed she revealed that she has a serious digestive problem, and to monitor it a doc had asked her to swallow a capsule sized camera. Half an hour after she did this, the head of gastro in her usual hospital was aghast, don't swallow the camera, he exclaimed. The earlier Doc had missed the fact that a rare condition of hers made this procedure dangerous, as the camera could get stuck and they could be forced to operate.

We suppressed a chuckle, checked intuitively and told her she'd definitely be able to pass the camera. We gave her two advanced hand pressure techniques to help the process. 36 nerve-wracking hours later and an x-ray confirmed that it had indeed passed.

Comment: One of the wonderful things about being a healer is that it opens us to such strange twists and turns. Like a camera in the stomach! Here we were not really pushing the camera along, just isolating a part of the gut and getting it to change its usual response. She needed to get it to open up, she needed the involuntary to listen to the conscious.


Chakra Healing Power.

Chakras as we all know are potent levers to our greater bodies. As a result they are vital both to us as healers and spiritualists. We have introduced a new level of Devadhara dedicated entirely to using the power of chakras {Preceding the earlier level 2}. This in keeping with Devadhara's pragmatic approach is packed and yet concentrated so it fits beautifully into one day. As Peymaneh, Reji, and Smitha did the course we were stunned by how beautifully they could sense chakras. These are one of the most difficult to sense. They were also marvellous at unravelling the crazy chakra riddles we set them… Reiji says friends and relatives from the middle east, who he has been giving healing to have unprompted described the power of healing as a whirly force!


A Past Life speaks through today's lips.

There is a statue in the Salar Jung Museum , of a lady on one side and a man carved on the other. Now many of us think that our past lives are past. But what if they are more integral? What if like The Salar Jung Statue, it's just turned inward? Really the blood of our blood?

In an incredible Past Life session, the person went so deep, the other personality came out so strongly, that to our psychic eyes it looked as if she were a replica of The Salar Jung Statue. A woman outward, a man inward. In a guttural voice she told her earlier name, and what she looked like… when she came out she had zero recollection of what all she had said. You could say she was possessed by her past life!

We hear, we relate... who says it has to always be... someone from this life?




We have healed a number of mental illnesses, depression, OCD, suicidalness, but perhaps the most difficult have been schizophrenia. But in two cases in just a few sessions remarkable differences have occurred. In one, while giving the patient healing he suddenly began to undergo strange gyrations. He writhed around the healing bed. After the healing stopped he went into a deep restful state. He got up from the healing smiling. Something had untwisted in his head while his body twisted!


To invite happiness, change God's workplace.

A home was filled with argument and frustration. As we looked around we realised that this deeply religious couple were turning their home into the equivalent of a Kala Bhairav Temple or Tantric Smashan Sthal. As we looked at their prayer room we realised the direction of the altar was fuelling crazy spiritual intensity, while what the family actually wanted was the joy of a balanced life. We simply shifted the direction of the altar and the whole tone of the home changed. It was amazing!




Chakras. And The Principle of Loosiness.

We have been taking advanced spiritual explorers into a 4 month highly intensive chakra workshop. As we worked with chakras amazing insights have been pouring in. One exercise had the participants hugging trees, working with mud.

One of the most amazing insights came from Bela who was dealing with a difficult chakra, she kept feeling kicked every time she dealt with the chakra. What was going on? We identified an energy form that was part of the chakra. Did we need to remove it? Actually we realised that it was integral to her chakra. What was it? It described itself as ‘The Principle of Loosiness'. And what is that????' Bela checked and discovered the principle helps programs remove unwanted subroutines, while keeping the core intent intact.

Why is this so significant? When we look at chakras we often think of it as energy. And we forget how alive, intelligent, conscious it is. ‘The Principle of Loosiness' reveals the true nature of chakras, For we see that they are not mechanical psychic devices, but living programs, that help us achieve health, happiness, and divinity, in a real gritty world that may swamp us with ugly memories, bog us down with self-defeating thoughts…


  Uttarakhand Healing. Many of you participated in healing for this great tragedy. Thank you. For more on the impact of your healing: http://www.creatorschild.com/uttarakhand%20healing.htm

Akshay's Healing. Many of you participated in Akshay's healing. His physical problems were 3-fold. An issue in the brain. Infection in the chest. And he needed to get healthy enough for the operation. At a deeper psychic levels there were darknesses at his past life and ancestral level. Your healings helped in multidimensional ways. One it cleared the blocks in his destiny, next it gave his family the courage to go ahead, third it gave him the resilience to heal faster... thank you.

Welcome Devadhara Healers... Irfan, Sunil, & Ishwar. They are powerfrul healers. Incidentally all 3 are in IT. Irfan is also a Muay Thay boxer, Sunil a senior IT Manager, Ishwar a senior Cad/Cam manager.




Dear Devadhara Healers...

May your tribe increase.

Welcome Devadhara Healers... Reiji, Meera, Mita, Durga, Rahul, Hooman.


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Welcome Devadhara Healers...Kala, Smitha, Georgina, Magesh, Balaji. Puja, Indroneil, Vivek


Here we bid adieu. Write in. Call. We love to hear from you. Ciao for now.

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