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Alternative Therapies: New age options to treat ailments or satisfy your craving for well-being

By Maithreyi M.R.

Lead article: January 26, 2008



















then communicate to the person" says Celia.

What if a person is using allopathic, ayurvedic or homeopathic medicine? "We have no problem. Infact, we are for cross integration. We only see that it does not overlap."

Tarun and Celia believe that at the end of the day, it is the individuals who take charge of themselves. "Devadhara healing classes are yet to be launched. Altho we have been using this form of healing exensively for awhile now." Initial consultancy costs Rs 300. The actual healing costs varies according to need. Deep healing sessions, scans, mapping the aura and long distance healing.


CELIA Cherian faced a severe health problem for which there was no remedy. She was told it was psycho-somatic. A visit to a healer became a turning point for her and her husband - Tarun Cherian. It made them healers.

Celia learnt to check and reverse her health problem, and soon went on to become a reiki master. Tarun , who had spiritual revelations early in his life, joined Celia. Together they expanded on reiki and invented an energy system called 'soul reiki'. With experience and experi-mentation, they formulated healing sysytems like shakti healing and inva. And finally Devadhara Healing.

"There's a force out there. We call it God, as thats the best way we can understand it. It can be called the cosmic priciple or intelligence. That flow is reflected in our body. Hence the dhara. We channel that flow." says Tarun

Quite a few have experienced the benefits of this system. Arun Chadda, 26 had a fiery temper. After a 4 month thereapy with the Cherians, the problem disappeared.

"We work with the entire bandwidth of energy- from atmic level energies to past life to energies at the physical" says Tarun

How do they go about the healing? We scan the aura, get a sense of how much we can do, and how long it will take to heal. This we














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