Question: How effective is long-distance aura sensing? As compared to close-up aura seeing almost as effective. But one can miss psychic attack &shadow body energies.

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Can healers help with bird flu? It appears highly resistant and rooted at archetypal layers of existence. Also healers must be willing to take on a clear and present danger. While long disance healing may help, the second major aura complex that below the feet does not seem amenable to long distance healing.
Bird auras are different in one significant way to human auras. They are more connected to the environment. So the fact that the crown is severely damaged means that birds believe that life on earth is meaningless, but also that the circle of life they live in is a circle of death.
All bright colours aren't necessarily good. Yellow at the solar plexus often indicates fever or viral infection.
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Aura Healing & Bird Flu. A psychic report by Tarun & Celia Cherian, Co-founders of Creator's Child: What the Bird Flu Virus looks like. The impact it has on the human aura, and bird aura. Possible tools that can help in healing and protective devices for those at risk.



The third characteristic is black formations around the shoulder/ lung tip chakras; this we believe indicates the presence of secondary bacterial infections.

Since different psychics perceive aura colours differently, we believe the bird flue virus affected aura will primarily reveal unusual activity/ overactivity in the solar plexus. And deep conflicts at the feet area. And darkness at the shoulder areas.

Bird auras affected by Bird Flu are more traditional, in the sense, that it is accompanied by darker shadings. The two worst affected areas are the bird's crown, with red and black and the Bird's solar and creativity chakras. Also, the overall bird aura is torn and twisted at the outermost level of purpose and meaning, as if their lives on earth, no longer have meaning.

As healers, much of our work is long distance, sometimes scanning the auras of people literally across the globe with nothing more than a 10 year-old photograph. And doing healings for severe, degenerative and chronic cases across the world. We set ourselves the task of attempting to map psychically the Bird Flue virus, to recognise its presence in the human and bird aura. To try and uncover possible tools that aura healers can use.

The bird flue virus' primary action, in the human aura, is of choking up the solar plexus. Strangely, it appears to us here as a very bright ‘Kodak” yellow. This is unusual as most bacterial and viral infections, while impacting the solar plexus chakra often appear dark. This colour we believe indicates over-activity: As if the principles by which life is organised is being questioned. The second key appearance it reveals is of black flecks surrounded by violet shadings around the feet area. {This formation we believe indicates that the way we relate to life, life on earth is twisted, too dark at one level too impractical on the other.}
















The Bird Flu virus like many viruses appears to have a hexagonal, mineral like-shape, occupied by strands of organicity. It appears squashed at the lower end and broader on top. The colours seen are red/ orangish, with particular inner formations within. The virus appears to plant itself in other cells by opening its nose like a carnivorous flower and sending its jagged, green-yellow core out. The Bird Flue virus psychically is well-defended and its weakest moment is when it seeks to pass on its core to other cells.

The more vital question is of course is there anything we can do about it? What psychic techniques does one deploy?






First given the disparity between the affected aura patterns of humans and birds it is apparent that the same aura healing tools and modes cannot be used. Also the presence of one infected bird will lead to the killing of the entire flock, irrespective of whether the virus is active or passive. The stakes and directives are different.

Second, at the best of times, viruses are difficult in many ways for psychic healers. They take tremendous energy and time. Sometimes calling for healing sessions in excess of one hour each, several times a day. Many are resistant to the traditional energy symbols and chants healers use.

In a bird flue patient, the key psychic healer's task would be to clear the energy choking of the solar plexus. The rest, the energy shadows at the shoulders, would respond to anti-biotics. And the healing crisis would stimulate the person's connection with the earth.

We channelled a powerful energy symbol specifically for bird flue ‘SRay', it appears much like another effective infection-clearing symbol that we use. This is a powerful symbol, when we used it on our own aura for 5 seconds it felt as if the etheric aura had been whipped with barbed wire. Yet even such a strong symbol just shakes the energy block after 5 minutes of activation, it's only after half an hour that its effect on the choking of the solar plexus becomes evident. To be effective it would need to be used intensively for half an hour periods repeated, several times a day, for several days. Since it is untried and untested on actual bird flue cases, healers will need to discover what other tools to use in conjunction, how to protect themselves and their patients from its side-effects.

Now, thirdly viruses can infect the healer. The idea that {Reiki and other} healers are immune to picking up psychic patterns from the people they are healing is in our experience not valid with viruses. So the first thing healers must do is put a ki-energy solar plexus shield. We believe it is also sensible to erect a shield or charge the below-the-feet chakra. We have channelled one energy shield – the reaper –specifically to be useful in Bird flue.

In broader terms, the Bird Flue virus appears to represent a crisis of purpose and power for birds. For humans it appears to be one of re-examining the roots of our life and power and principle issues. Strangely it appears to be a messenger and a perverted reminder of the oneness of life, between humans and birds. Simultaneously it is a cry for compassion, concealed in rage. ..............