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2012? End of time or Warning Shot?

by Tarun Cherian, Assisted by Celia Cherian, & Shweta Kothari.

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‘May you live in interesting times' is an ancient Chinese Curse. And indeed we live in interesting times. For our necks are on the guillotine.

The picture is grim. Toxins fill the air. Heavy metals poison the water. Green cover is agonisingly thin. The ozone layer is threadbare. Groundwater is depleting. The seasons are dangerously out-of-kilter. The ring of fire, volcanoes and seismic faultline encircling the globe is disturbingly active. The 3 largest Superpowers, Japan recently, China in the near past and America have been humbled by tsunami, earthquake and cyclone. Underlining how vulnerable mankind is. Our proud technologies look pathetically fragile before an irate nature. For a whole century the very basis of western science claimed over and over again has been to humble nature, to grind her to dust. And in retrospect it is seriously irrational for a race living on a ball isolated in empty space to disregard the green cover that ensures its existence.

But well before nature brings us to our knees we are capable of destroying ourselves. Fossil fuel reserves will run out well before the end of the century. Food stability is increasingly suspect. If the prospect of an economic catastrophe is not terrifying enough, these pressures in an explosive geo-political environment leads to the disturbing prospect of global war. With a gigantic nuclear stockpile, deadly bio-weapons, the possibility of mankind being destroyed by its own aggressiveness, appears to many as an eventuality.

If one looks at it with the cold eyes of logic, end of mankind scenarios must be taken seriously. We live on the brink, on the edge of time.

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The future through psychics' eyes is equally grim. But wait, what do we psychics see?

From the eyes of the mystic, the picture is equally grim. Some psychics who rely on ancient predictions and texts, even give a date May 2011 if you believe in the prophecies of Fatima , 2012 if you believe in the Mayan Calendar. One has to take end-of the world predictions seriously. But can one take the specific date as sacrosanct?

Issue of Accuracy. We have been predictive consultants and seers for 20 odd years. We have predicted life events of people who come to us, merely by tracing their aura energies. Our accuracy level for events that have happened have been an impressive 75% but we are often off by a year. We have predicted earthquakes and even weather patterns. However, here things get even more hazy. Once we predicted an earthquake in North India. The earthquake rocked the north, but the epicentre was in Afghanistan, a good 500-1,000 km away. The footprint of planetary events is broader. There is one more problem with any predictions. Stability. Now, the more terrible an outcome, the more desperate the many participating consciousnesses in the picture. As we reach a point where massive change is possible the very ground is trembling with power, so the flow of events may shift dramatically. The 11 th hour is when the impossible can and does happen.

"If one looks at it with the cold eyes of logic, end of mankind scenarios must be taken seriously. We live on the brink, on the edge of time."




So what the S*** is going to happen?

So will the world end in 2012? As simplistic observers and psychics suggest. There are many ways to get a glimpse of the future. Of the infinite number for this article we use principally three. First, direct sensing of flows of time. Second getting foresight images. And last, but not least is talking to Spirit Guides, Angels and even the earth herself.

We now present the actual picture of the shape of timelines as we actually see it*. {We had done a detailed timeline scan for the earth in 2008 and now again in 2011.} We present it as a schematic drawing that reduces the diffuse yearnings of time into clearer event horizons.

The World could have ended in 2012. It won't.


















In the ten odd futures we see till the end of this century in six mankind is wiped out and only millions survive.


"... as we reach a point where massive change is possible the very ground is trembling with life, so the flow of events may shift dramatically. The 11 th hour is when the impossible can and does happen."







2030 is a time when a series of bio-tragedies and infectious diseases spread...



The world could have ended in 2012. It won't.

The world could have ended in 2012/13, in cataclysmic fury. In 2008, time branched in two ways. We did not take the cataclysmic fork. And so our world will not end in 2012. A foretaste of what could have happened occured in 2011 Japan. There was a recent meet of many psychics in our home, in march. Of the 20 odd who came home, 3 had lines that were suspect beyond a 5 year horizon. For 17 life went on uninterrupted.

Ok, the world will not end in 2012, but will it be a bed of roses? No. Now whatever source we looked at, asking spirit guides, questioning animal consciousness, looking at timelines or just extrapolating with our minds, the simple truth is mankind will encounter serious challenges, there is a significant possibility that by 2080 mankind will be wiped out. A significant likelihood that mere millions will survive this century. In only one future does mankind sustain itself with a population of 30 billion, but in an almost hellish, overcrowded, high-control environment.

Expect an irritated earth.

So what can we expect? First and foremost, an irritated earth. There will be prolonged seismic unrest, and seasonal change across the century. The seismic shifts will be marked till 2025, then erupt again in 2040's approximately. Seasonal change will show marked disturbance in 2020, 2030's, and 2050's. There can be at various times outbursts of fungal and resistant bacterial infections. Especially in the 2030's and late 2050's. Cosmically, there will be two near catastrophic meteor brushes, in one a minor fragment may actually hit, also there will be six gigantic solar driven events, one which will have catastrophic effects. One a seeding of the earth with dark star dust with difficult health challenges. Shifts of the magnetic pole will happen but possibly not in this one but in the early next century.

2010-2020. Unrest. Earthquakes. Or Great glory.

“You understand that prediction involves following of mass possibilities” says Lord Izh our cosmic spirit guide. “At the risk of putting things down. A possible unrest may occur in India in 2013, and spread across the world.”

Another possible catastrophe with low but significant probability involves the release of a bio-weapon possibly in America. To predict a smaller event, in 2014 a pope or cardinal is covered in blood. Assassination or will he care for someone covered in blood?

However, not all is dark. 2016 also marks a time when significant bio-engineering discoveries are made. A great spiritual movement beginning from India will begin in the late 2010's.

But most significantly, a gigantic shift in consciousness and mindset is possible in 2015-2025 as another parallel universe in a parallel timeline brushes ours and enormous explosions in thoughts and ideas can enrich our existence. If this indeed does happen, all our doomsday predictions post 2020 will stand null and void and new possibilities will emerge. If this occurs, and it is hugely exciting if it does, at several parts of the earth in the sky will be visible turbulences of light in which faces and aurora like beings will emerge. Strange visitations will occur.

2020-2030. What fork do we take?

‘2020-2024 are significant change dates for all timelines with profound geopolitical shifts likely.' Report Fortune Seer Shwetha Kothari, and Creator's Child Founder Celia Cherian.

The 2020 decade will see an incredible intensification of ideas. It will witness the break up of great religions into major subtrends. For example Christianity will see itself separate into those with a potent naturalist method and those who seek purity confronted by doomsday scenarios. A radical sufi stream will emerge. Cults will emerge in every walk of life. There will be several Rev Jones style mass suicides. 2030 will be a time when mankind may choose one of 3 paths of extreme rationalism, or the radical philosophy. This if chosen may choose mass extinction through an attempt at culling human population that goes wrong or a bio-virus inadvertently released. There is another one can term the stuporists which will seek to slow mankind down. It will term itself the slow revolution. A third broad stream, the mannists will seek consensus and harmonies as the core truth. This will be supported by a range of breakthroughs using a field being discovered which uses resonances across fields.

2030-2040. What fork do we take?

2030 is a time when a series of bio-tragedies and infectious diseases spread, as precursor there will be an onslaught of fungal and bacterial infections that attack trees and plants. Deep unrest and intense loss of human life are possible and coincide with seismic shifts that have a deeply disruptive effect on the environment. The infamous redstorm may grip mankind's mind. {What is the red storm? A term we have received from the future. Does it represent a sandstorm or red cloud phenomenon?} Politically, the two broad branches of thought, that we can term, Rationalism Universal and Enlightened Governance clash.

Artistically, there will be profoundly exciting concerts that can span the world with gigantic projections onto the sky. The Triumph, one such futuristic piece will have a continuous projection of song onto the skies of the world for 24 hours.

2040-2050. The Gap Years.

2040 is a time of intense turbulence but mankind will have become used to that state and so ironically, it will be marked by deep resilience. A deep sense of resolve will be demonstrated. A defining quality of this era is grace under pressure. ‘We are one' is a phrase that will gain great meaning during that decade.

2050-2080. The Time of Great Choice.

2050 is a time when another shift is possible. Three broad forks emerge. The one most attractive to new agers follows the rebirth of figures from several of the world's great religions. These will allow man to redefine himself. A series of extreme self-imposed conditions will change history.

Another future offers a techno-extreme one, where culling of mankind, stringent population control lead to a terrible war in the late 70's. Ironically the war will have a major figure recanting of extreme rationalism and triggering Armageddon.

The third future is the middle ground, but may falter with air borne pathogens triggering off mass deaths.


The Century of Change. What future do we aim for?

In the ten odd futures we see till the end of this century in six mankind is wiped out and only millions survive. A major possibility that negates all these doomsday scenarios, is a possible junction where two timelines confluence around 2015-16, offering both incredible opportunity and turbulence. But a turbulence marked by unparalleled optimism.

Faced with an uncertain, downward spiralling future, at a cellular level, our bodies have already begun to anticipate and prepare for a new environment, psychically we are told that, our cell walls are growing thicker and incorporating more heavy elements. Mitochondria is densifying and the nucleus is growing more compact and tighter. The physical is attempting to incorporate greater resistance to radioactivity. The simple truth is that at every level, cellular, spiritual and now finally at the mental level, we are beginning to realise that we have a problem.

Now one of the things that we discover when we confront time is its malleability. We can shift its course. And as crisis and catastrophe loom closer, our ability to shift it grows ever stronger. Consider this as large as 20% of mankind born post 2020 will do so consciously attracted by the ferment and opportunity that the century will generate. As opposed to the 5-7% in the last 3 centuries.

Additionally, a vaster percentage of man, animal, trees and mineral entities will be born to different species. Whereas today the likelihood that an animal will be born as a man is 15%, that will progressively rise to 25%. So a far greater sensitivity to animal needs will exist. By converse, there will be a cruel justice administered, whereas today the likelihood that a man will be born as an animal is 10%, that will progressively rise to 30-40%. So the chances that we will end up as experimental rabbit is not insignificant. Worse, the chance that you will be serving your grandmother as Christmas dinner will be disgustingly high.

Now you may ask but what more can I do? I am already recycling, reducing my carbon footprint? At a rational level the simplest suggestion is Save Water use less water pollutants like shampoos. There are also potent but simple, psychic ways through which we can help shift the man-earth relationship to a healthier one.

1. Set up a ley–line stone. Take a stone the size of a fist, or a bag of earth, smear on it any of your body secretion, tears, sweat, sperm, milk… If you wish wrap it in either a red or black or white or green cloth. Hold it in your hands. Chant Ahurthi kra-nai-horthi six times a day in the morning. Allow yourself to be pulled in whatever direction you feel magnetically drawn by. Do this for 15 years. Plant the stone. In 3 months the stone will significantly start realigning energies, in 3 years the stone would have got heavily charged and act like a potent energy line regenerator.

2. Plant seeds of trees, to the weight of your body in your lifetime.

3. If you eat meat witness the death of the animal once a year, then light a candle and smear its blood on your face and chest. Naskartay hey, naskartay hey, naskartay hey your sacrifice is not in vain, my body holds your body, my mind completes your mind, my spirit celebrates your spirit, in your death is my death, in my life is your life. Say this 6 times. If you are vegetarian, once a month smear a potato or onion with a body fluid secretion and plant it. Naskartay hey, naskartay hey, naskartay hey, I am planted in the unguuuleeeaaaakh {the earth}, I have grown on your fruit, I have taken your body, I root in your root I am grateful. I am earth. I am sky. I am branching life. Say this 6 times.

Now you dear reader, while open to the idea that the trajectories of time can be seen, may find the idea of appeasing the earth strange and brutal. That is indeed your privilege. But then plan out your own programme. Whether it involves reducing plastic, recycling, or inventing new techniques to enhance life.  





Times of great challenge are also times when the greatest ideas erupt.





"Death is not a full stop." -- Celia Cherian, Co-founder Creator's Child





The simple truth is that if mankind goes down we will do so because we did not care.





The spiritualist's twist in the tail…

At a deeper spiritual level, the entire mega death debate is a no-brainer, for we all die. And so does it really matter if we die alone or en masse. True. As Co-founder Celia Cherian has so potently put it, "Death is not a full stop..." But what matters infinitely to the soul that sent us here is another question, and that is did we live? Did we care for those around? Did we fight for those we believed in?

No, death is not the end. But the simple truth is that if mankind goes down we will do so because we did not care. Because we watched animals being brutalized, trees being axed, the earth being bulldozed. Because we pissed into the river of life. And that does not speak highly for our intelligence. On earth or heaven.

The good news: The world will not end in 2012. The bad news: It will continue.


*Now since time flows in psychomagnetic metaspace, meaning time is the flow of consciousness that is set in this physical reality or that, our look at time has two broad axis, time and another which details whether our idea of reality leans more towards physicalist rationality or enlightened reality. But since this may be gobbledygook to you, we now take you through what we see.