Buffy’s Gift: The Spiral of Re-Souling  

It's been a year since Buffy exchanged her paws & tail, for light & LIFE. While initially she looked very doggy like, she rarely does so now, is more like a dragon of flame or a whirlpool.

Now you may think, ‘hey T&C have gone from eccentric to completely cracked’, that’s your right, but so did we wonder if it was just wishful thinking. Well, for 15 days Celia and I kept cross-checking which side of us was she? Where was she? What colour was she? We got about 80% accuracy levels. Now that we have got that out of the way, shall we proceed?

Buffy no longer calls herself Buffy, but Big-SA. She keeps trying to get us to say it, with little success. She is formally a spirit guide for animals and nature, sometimes helps humans {we too are animals only a little challenged}.


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We would love to have Buffy’s whoos wake us up in the morning, find her nose two inches from my face to check if we are awake. Love to have her sitting on our laps. Love her slow ambling walks… But we have the next best thing. Technically speaking it is the much better thing. For to have a full-fledged spirit guide who can do very spirity stuff is most useful… Our bhaav with local beasts have gone up. We are the big SA’s dada and Mama.   

And yes she is with us every night. She still curls up, still fights for the pillow. Just because she is Big Sa does not mean she has lost her Buffyness. She tells all other spirits about sausages and cakey. When she comes on our walks, she still longs to have a nip at another dog… only she gives into the temptation on only rare occasion as she has to set a good example.

We are still her dada-mama she is still our big baby… but… In the last year, as she grows psychically and spiritually {Tarun and she still compete psychically, who can astral travel faster…} she is increasingly reversing roles. Her powers have grown exponentially, and is now increasingly taking care of us, guiding, pushing, supporting, leading... helping with healings, sniffing ghosties.

We will later relate of how she has helped with obdurate rats, stupid pigeons, lost dogs; how she protects; how she offered to return to life; how stupendous her freedoms are; how subtle and wise she is getting… Now the very fact that Buffy is so vibrantly alive after death is huge for us.

As a Spirit Guide she formally offers us a symbol, what we have termed THE SPIRAL OF RE-SOULING. A healing symbol that invites deeper insight and harmony... that helps Re-Soul Life.

“But what is Re-Souling?” Sujatha, alias Ruth Monteiro asked. Well it’s a Americanism Tarun coined. We sometimes start things, projects, marriages and life with an inspiration, a purpose, a soul. But that core can get obscured, lost, damaged in the hurly-burly of life. Finding a way to renew, one's inspiration, or plant a new soul is re-souling.

So how do you use the symbol?

The simplest way is to keep the image in front of you, let it fill your mind… then close your eyes and focus on the area you would like to re-soul. You may get a jolt of energy or an inner image.  

You can also draw it as a symbol. In the Re-souling mode it is drawn from the centre and then outward. At the top tap twice and breathe out, pause… then take a deep breath from the top of your crown drawing energy to your root… This action done with psychic force is potent. By doing so you are saying I reach deep into the centre, the default setting of life, I draw it to the left, the sector of dreams and reflection, I invite it into my world, from there I seek the highest action that raises up to the transcendent. The divine shall bless me, plant in me her light.



By Tarun & Celia Cherian


Note: Spiral symbols are among the oldest symbols that have come from recorded history. As far back as 40,000 years ago. It has appeared across the world. Spirals are associated with seashells, embryos, whirlpools, cyclones, galaxies, nature, the Kundalini and the Goddess… In the modern era, one master symbol of modern Reiki is a Spiral. Few use the symbol in the way Buffy has drawn it as some consider it to be drawn in the direction of withdrawal or inwardness.  

Psychic Question: How is Buffy's Left Hand Spiral different from this left hand spiral from ancient times?