Fighting The Ebola Virus with Devadhara Healing. Some Suggestions.



A psychic report by Tarun Cherian, Co-founder of Devadhara Healing:


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As healers, much of our work is long distance, sometimes scanning the auras of people literally across the globe with nothing more than a 10 year-old photograph. And doing healings for severe, degenerative and chronic cases across the world. Editor, Jayalakshmi threw us the challenge of psychically mapping the Ebola virus. And trying to find ways to fight it.

The Ebola Virus. Long-distance Psychic Observations.

1. The Ebola Virus to aura eyes initially looks like a drop of blood with squirmy worm like presence. This is very much in consonance with bio-representations of the virus. A long rope like creature. However, we see that in actual action, or virulent form it forms a barbed wire tangle/ mesh/mass. Not a rope.

2. In actual attack in the human body it appears to work in groups of 6-12.

3. The Ebola Virus appears to have a barbed wire like structure surrounded by a slimy white mass.

4. The Ebola Virus appears to be 3 virus segments joined together over time. From 3 eras. 6,000 years ago, 2,000 years past, and medieval times. These we believe can be broken down by some radionic devices.

5. The Scorpion Tail of The Virus. We believe that The Virus can be fairly harmless to its hosts but what psychically we believe what makes it most vicious is some sequence at its tail. This possibly emerged 30-60 years ago.

6. The Ebola psychically appears to surround cells, and sends teeth like claws in, attracted by some chemical/ electro magnetic signature of the cellwall. It appears to target the nucleus of some cells causing some reaction, or production of some substance.

The Ebola Virus appears to fragment and fracture often, and stick to blood vessel walls, other tissues.

7. The Virus appears to target something on the inner lining of cell walls. According to medical research, here are medical lines of thought…on The Ebola Action:

To quote an article in the The International Business Times: How Ebola Kills: What The Deadly Virus Does To The Human Body By  Philip Ross: The virus is a gruesome and meticulous killer – a microscopic Patrick Bateman. It attacks nearly every organ and tissue in the body, sparing bone and skeletal muscle, according to the Oxford Journal of Clinical Infectious Diseases, Once the virus has settled in, it slowly converts the body's collagen to mush and liquefies the under-layers of skin. Blood clots thicken the bloodstream and cause internal and external hemorrhaging. Death comes after the body becomes drained of blood.

To quote from an article in by Kelly, “As the virus travels in the blood to new sites, other immune cells called macrophages eat it up. Once infected, they release proteins that trigger coagulation, forming small clots throughout the blood vessels and reducing blood supply to organs. They also produce other inflammatory signaling proteins and nitric oxide, which damage the lining of blood vessels, causing them to leak. Although this damage is one of the main symptoms of infection, not all patients exhibit external hemorrhaging—bleeding from the eyes, nose, or other orifices.”

8. The words Iron-Rich kept coming when we sought psychic clues. And this is in consonance with its modern out break. Some conspiracy sites allege that Ebola is a bio-weapon designed to enhance influence in iron-rich African areas. Knowledgable biotechnicians pooh-pooh this saying Ebola is the last virus any sensible bioweaponist would use.

9. The word Soros kept being associated with Ebola. Presumably the foundation, and presumably positive.

10. In the aura, the Ebola Virus shows itself in 3 areas of the victim's body. Back of head, solar plexus and root.

11. This outbreak of Ebola may reduce in intensity in months. But if it spreads to Asia/ China it may prove unstoppable.

How can I fight Ebola?

Possible Preventive Herbal Remedies:

1. Ginger: We are lead to believe that ginger juice will help those dealing with ebola patients.

2. Vitamin C. We are lead to believe that citrus juices will help build immunity.

3. Tapioca. We are lead to believe that Tapioca, will help with afflicted patients.


Healing Points: The Ebola has an aggressive energy pattern. So healing it can cause healers immunity to dip. We suggest giving two points in the person's aura. One to the left of the right shoulder. It will help generate positivity, hope, and research and new treatments. Alternately it will target a point to the right of the left knee. This will build up the patient's aura.

Devadhara Healing Symbol: The Devadhara Healing, Swine Flu symbol can be used for Ebola too. Will send this image to patients of the virus on request.

Suggestion for medicare industry:

The tail of the virus can be targeted.

The surface of immune cells can be enhanced.

High frequency sounds should disrupt the structure of the virus.

Traditional Spiritual Recommendations: Will send this image to patients of the virus on request.



Vital Pointer: All suggestions we have to offer must be ratified by the health specialist you entrust your life to. Allopath. Homeopath. Unani. Siddha.... Devadhara Healer. Self or God.




We salute all medicare pros, carers & patients fighting deadly epidemics.