Exploring The MahaNaga.


“Today, I woke up in the morning with a thousand ribbons of light {or snakes}dancing out of my body each with a mind of its own that dipped into the experience of all kind of beings from a few kilometres to far beyond. At the centre of my being was a blazing sun, around a dance of multicolour energies and below from a place unimaginable strength. Asked who it was, it answered MahaNaga or Mahasariya {Multistranded}.” – Tarun, November 2016

So who or what is The MahaNaga? Our cosmic guides explained it simply, “You could say a branch of all existence poked through Tarun’s Mind. It is a reminder that you are all part of the tree of life. Each of you share the strength of All and need to give back, water for a plant, sugar for an ant, help for a street child…”


Inspired by You:
For many months we have been inspired by the interconnectedness experiences of Kanak, Diana, Natsy & Ravi to reexplore this divine aspect. Also myriad Kundalini/ Divine awakenings we have helped ignite – with Geetha, Nirmala, Soujanya, Kamala, Trishla… Not to mention our depth awakenings with Ashwin, Divya, Shweta, Vasundhara…

But are these experiences – just that – experiences? Quirks of the brain? Or are they more? Are they realities?

The Surprise Test:
We threw this surprise test, as Sukhjit called it, for the few seekers and healers we believed were ready for this. We asked the few what they saw at that moment around Tarun. All of you sensed beautifully. Kanak saw a purple cloud with shiny things, Amita saw a Sun of Devi Force with phosphorescence, Kamaan a blazing sun with multicolour highways, Nirmala felt bliss and green fingers, Shweta a blazing sun with colourful rays round, Ravi saw a dark image like Lord Ganesha, Ashwin saw a warmth in the chest and feeling of expandedness, Trishla sensed darkness and lightness, Nishi saw a red sphere and black flames, Vasu saw Tarun as a jewel on a massive ring that God wears, Sukhjit sensed a sparkling green light everywhere a depth in the chest and great height and depth. Clearly what Tarun was experiencing was not limited to Tarun, it was a reality. We are all many branched beings, trees of light. 

Interconnectedness and a Divided World:
We have been in the last few months sharing innumerable articles about interconnectedness and oneness. And the simple truth is that the interconnectedness of life may seem at complete odds with life as you or I know it. For everywhere we encounter people being selfish, mean, ugly, alone, broken, separate. Most political movements appearing as to centre about little gangs protecting their tiny patches of turf. While science, post the 1920’s, pays lip service to quantum fields of infinite interconnectedness, every action of science is vivisectionist. Cutting up animals, replacing man with robots, slicing the world into little concrete patches, pouring acid into sky, chemical into water. And so we now turn to the question how do we turn the inner reality into outer binding?

Reweaving The World:
How do we get the many-threaded one to reweave the world? Perhaps it’s time to revisit the experience and the guidance of cosmic beings who choose to speak to us. “You could say a branch of all existence poked through Tarun’s Mind. It is a reminder that you are all part of the tree of life. Each of you share the strength of All and need to give back, water for a plant, sugar for an ant, help for a street child…”

So we need to do three things. A} Remind ourselves that we are branches of all existence. B} Remember our strength when times are difficult. C} Give back to life.

So how do we remind yourself that we are part of The Great All? Awakening sessions, meditation, rituals of connectedness and healing are excellent ways to do that. Or just by breathing, eating with the knowledge every life sustaining life rests on life. Or a Life lived with Life.

How do we remember our greater being when things are difficult? By allowing ourselves to feel our aloneness, and helplessness, and then reaching deep.

Giving back. A little bowl of water for birds is incredibly life enriching. Grass for a cow. One more tree. A balcony full of green.



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Welcome to The Deep End:
Now as we begin to do these three simple things then our greater arms begin to show greater vitality. As you accept the vaster being that you are, life begins to change.

The Richness of Life Changes with The MahaNaga.
Touch a body really touch, smell a rose really smell, and the very density of life intensifies. Shake hands with someone and you may feel the boundaries of life grow, the richness of that touch grow to impossible deeps.

The Everywhereness of  The MahaNaga.
Then you begin to find your eyes change, they peer out of other’s chests, leap out of a million places. It maybe the wing of a crow shifting, fur of a cold dog wrinkling, sheet covering a naked hip, a man counting money, the ulcer of a president, the sigh of an old tree, the curl of storm, the yearning of whale.  

Remember how Nishi looked through the eye of the snake and Ravi through the eye of the flower?

The Vaster Eyes of  The MahaNaga.
The Eyes of The MahaNaga turns its eyes away from the world of the physical, it sees flows. Sees as if every scale of life can see. It hears at great deeps the coilings of molecules, the seethe of life in every floor, the branching bones that lace the air, the flesh of other universes, the taffeta swirls of man’s desiring, the thunderous swirling of the great creation.

Learning to Use The Power of The MahaNaga.
But you ask, if I am part of a great swirl, can I use the power of this mighty immensity? If you have arms that are a few hundred kilometres long you must use them.

But telling your arms the words lift, lift, lift does not raise them. To raise them you must raise them.

The first thing to use the vaster tendrils of your being is not to try to lift them, but merely send force along. This is a little like a child sending paperboats down a river, or tree loggers who used to float tree trunks downstream.

But what can you send downstream? Well if you drop stones in a river it will sink to the bottom. If you send paper boats a few may reach. But if you send hardy coconuts they will arrive full of fresh juice.

Think of our normal thinking as paperboats. Think of great hurt and despair as rocks. There is an inbetween, an aliveness, a genuineness which forms the coconuts you can send downstream.

The best way is to feel the fullness of your being, the time when you felt really connected to life, maybe in a forest in a high mountain or the gathering of family, or when you met God. You now feel the heartbeat of that joy or aliveness. You now send pulses of goodness along. What will it do? Make instant miracles? Not really. But it will do the next best thing. It will give someone who is exhausted a little boost. It will give a cow stranded on the middle of a highway the knowledge that a better life exists. That life is not a traffic island. As you become better aware of life, the pulse of life the shifts in life may become more insistent, more instantaneous.

But does that mean every thought, feeling you have get amplified and sent everywhere? Nope. The passing paperboats of our thoughts will largely not reach. For only the level of thought and feeling that interests The MahaNaga gets transmitted. There are two such. The wondrously lucid, and the dangerously dark. When I go very high that pulsation moves to a hundred places effortlessly. Also deep rage and at times despair can move with great force. Rage when it is rage for survival as it suffuses through the arms of the MahaNaga often triggers a feral animal waking up, an alertness of a wild animal. Despair does not scatter so much, but like a freight train or wild elephant it charges around, till it finds one who will either fall into the pit or use its darkness as flame. {We will expand on this further later}

So one day you make a miracle happen. But the next you may end up with a damp squib.

Why? Two principal reasons, you were on that day not Alive to The Life. Second you were not connected.

So what do I do? First you must wake to The MahaNaga, you must wake to the life on which you live. The sensualist and monk both do so in their own way. The family man does so too. The farmer, The Lover, The Shepherd, The Drunk, The Artist, The Craftsmen, The Drug Addict, The Damned.

The force you send another will only reach another if you are connected to others by The MahaNaga. Meaning if you are on one branch, your force will only reach another effectively if they are on the same branch. Also you may send love to your mother, but it may reach another mother who is more your mother than she is.

So how do you strengthen your connection to The MahaNaga? You must go beyond narrow boundaries of life. Meaning a family man who loves his children is alive to the innate goodness, the innate life of the MahaNaga, but in that child are all children present or only his child? To do so opens up a great joy for then the MahaNaga can unfurl beyond a shrub to a tree.

Okay lets shift back and count on our fingers the lessons we know:

So the first principle is Waking to Life. The Sensualist’s and The Spiritualist’s. The Lawgiver and Strike Breaker’s.

The second principle is openness.

The third of course is connectedness, once you sense the greater Life, are you really committed to being connected to the hidden streams of being?

Now we come to another principle, The MahaNaga does not work in straight lines. It moves in a zig-zag motion, a winding motion. Now sexuality as a teen is good in a society that needs to replenish numbers, now teen sexuality is a crime against humanity in an overcrowded world. The MahaNaga does not appear to work in straight lines. Actually, our human ideas keep flip-flopping, our moralities and immoralities shift with the times, but The MahaNaga’s adherence to life is unwavering.



Learning to Use The Power of The MahaNaga. Level 2.
Now some are content with saving a sick child, giving joy to a floundering soul… But can one do more? Can one cause a river to shift course?

TheMahaNaga can. If The MahaNaga engages with The MahaNaga. Meaning we are no longer just sending coconuts down a river, we are changing the course of the river.

Great joy and great despair, great focus, and great abandon mark the spots where The MahaNaga may shift course. Mark this well. For we have given you 4 precious gifts, the 4 great fascinations of The MahaNaga. The 4 ways to stimulate The MahaNaga.

Use this and you may shift the very course of the River of Life.



The Meta Gifts of The MahaNaga.
We now go to even deeper aspects of The MahaNaga. We go back to us observing The MahaNaga, looking not just at life’s little storybooks but looking at the great dance the MahaNaga is interested in. Something shifts and you I all can see higher from the primal movement can see how The MahaNaga’s movements calls scenes to appear… It is creating? Yes, it is birthing, it is casting a myriad coloured shadow…

“Part of creation I am” you exclaim to yourself. “Creation you are thou art”, the MahaNaga growls “O you who are coloured dust on butterfly wing”.

But how can dust on the butterfly’s wing flap its wings? Now you cannot remain yourself to truly sense this or use this. You have to step out of Tarun, Ravi, Shweta, Manisha… To The Tarun part of the greater life.. So if I sense an earthquake and it will consume my apartment, I cannot ask it to be stopped by shifting the earthquake, only if The MahaNaga with Tarun in it believes that such is true may I ask.

Now as it looks at life even deeper The Mahanaga realises that things, movements spring up into the physical, things move away into the absence of things… It is like a drum skin vibrating… The Mahanaga can say it is moving in an out of a boundary stitching life into being. But actually it is doing many things, desiring, experiencing, refining, becoming. It is weaving silence into sound, and sound into dancing and dancing into the dancer…

These 8 vertexes are 8 superlative gifts, mark them use them well. Desiring, experiencing, refining, becoming, and silence, sound, dancing, dancer. Mark this and mark this well,


The MahaNaga birthing MahaNagas.
The MahaNaga sees itself as a tendril of life encircling a flow of life, and so turning a great mass of life into a snake, a movement… then it flows away to another movement, and does the same. When it leaves a movement, it leaves the memory of its movement behind sometimes that is enough and the first comes alive. Or sometimes it is not enough. And the vaster movement dies out. If the movement takes there is great rejoicing for another MahaNaga is born.

What can I use this for? you ask. And you can ask, What Can The MahaNaga use it for?

You may have a great dancer of Bharatnatyam tradition who raises it to great magnificence. And you may have a dancer that inspires all dancers.

Some say I work for all humanity. Some say I work for all on earth. This freedom is the freedom of he who will plant a forest.

At Creator’s Child, Cosmic Heart and in Devadhara Healing we believe deeply in our sub forms, but equally we inspire each with other talents to us them fuller. We are teaching, one adept to become a Singer-healer, another too heal thorough art, a third, to live with body-alive, a Hindu chose Jesus as light, and a Christian is Hanuman’s disciple…   





Welcome to The Infinite:
As we plunge deeper we encounter other realities, and Nagas of higher existence. We encounter the snail, the snake, the dragon, the matrix, the blue-white, chandelier or SarvaNagas, the Nagas of Principle. Then the DevaNagas or Nagas of Creation, fields in which life may spring. Then Samuha, the circle. Then 3 unameable presences. Then The Luminous one manyness. Then…

You plunge deeper before creation, before the creator, it is cold and dark the waters here, the emptyfullness...

The Price of The Infinite:
Now realising we are toes of gigantic beings like MahaNagas can be disconcerting. You may hear the heartbeats of a thousand, feel the rage of a city, swim in the desires of a multitude. But worse is when you become part of storm and rip gleefully the shed off a school, or tip a hundred people in a ferry into the sea. But then we are beginning, and we have resolved that we will be embraced by the all...

We are not the tiny fragments we think we are… But as we recover our vaster being everything changes… The world becomes more familiar and increasingly strange…

By Tarun & Celia Cherian



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