Unleash the Giant.



By Tarun & Celia Cherian.
Co founders Devadhara Healing & The Creator's Child Spiritual initiative.

Published in Bangalore

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Imagine a 100 foot giant stomping through Bangalore 's streets. Hear the screams. Taste the terror. Watch the cops arriving with lathis. Their revolvers like peashooters. A Manga comic scene? Well, we have news for you. This is no fiction. Each of us is a giant. With auras that go from an imposing 40 feet to an awe-curdling 150 feet.

“But…” a depressed realist may object, “…but I don't feel like a giant. I am more like a 5 foot plus nothing.” “Precisely,” replies the mystic, “Believe you are a 5 foot nothing and you reduce yourself. Claim the giant behind you. And possibilities multiply.”

Savitha had just learnt Devadhara Healing when one evening an international client called – only horrors – she found her cell battery was close to dead. She gave the cell healing and took the call. Incredibly, the cell worked perfectly, right through a marathon 2-hour client call!

However, what if the problem is more than a suspect battery? We were healing a patient with a terminal degenerative condition, when suddenly there was an extraordinary burst of force. The patient suddenly relaxed as if a huge burden had been taken off his shoulders. As if lifetimes of pain had vanished. After the session the patient with tears in his eyes and a beatific smile on his face, said. “I'm going home. I'm not afraid.” So where's the miracle you ask? Well, he had beaten an opponent more terrible than terminal illness. He had awakened a side of himself that knew beyond doubt that death is but a change of costume, script and scenery.

But is the only way to gather our full power through catastrophe? The other day, I was doing a long-distance aura scan of Celia when I realised that her aura looked like a giant, flaring sun. What was she doing? Had she discovered some incredible mantra? “Oh? I was experimenting with a new dish.” She said. And indeed she had discovered a long-forgotten mantra that every innocent knows. ‘Do what you love. And the whole of you will come alive.'

‘I was lost…' Ganga , a renowned creative director once told me ‘Then I got into advertising. It felt like I found something… as if something important had found me.'

Which leads us to yet another cosmic turn-on – love. Raveena was a cold, beauty guarding deep pain, when one day she met the love of her life. She turned from cutting and cruel to became warm and caring. A counsellor who saves lives. One day she giggling told us, “One day when Kris kissed me I felt myself dissolve into him and into the all. All my fort walls crumbled. There was just joy.”


“I had lost someone dear,” Ashwin, a financial analyst relates, “I was close to complete collapse, when one night I felt my Guru magically materialise and touch me. The pain I was feeling vanished. I could face another day. I could smile.”

Many use meditation and prayer to gather the fullness of our being. We had given Subbulakshmi, a Kundalini awakening meditation. A decade later, we still remember her face luminous with joy. And her stagger as she tried to walk murmuring, ‘my feet have disappeared.'

But some may protest saying, but I don't really have a love, talent or spiritual teacher. Yes, but you do have the moment. Take this Now. Let yourself see its intimate richness, its infinite ramifications and it will catapult you to deep. Strangely, a secret owned both by the sensualist devouring pleasure and the spiritualist revelling in life.

At the beginning of this article we told you that you were a giant. Well, we lied. You are not a giant but a could-be giant. 9 out of 10 people have auras that are active only upto 1 foot from the body. The rest is wispy, atrophied. When they die they will return inward penniless. Yes, you are vaster than you think. But that is a promise. Not a guarantee.

A middle-aged man was severely depressed. One day, he was looking out of his balcony on the urban desolation of Mumbai, wondering whether to end the farce, when it happened. The monsoons broke. A glorious descent of gun-fire drops. Running to greet it, out leapt a troop of street urchins. Seeing them, who had so little, dancing with such joy, feeling the benediction of rain, the depression that locked him for a decade… left. Just like that. It takes one instant. But sometimes for that to happen we have to open the balcony doors…


Tarun & Celia Cherian, Are Spiritual Guides. Aura Masters. And Founders of Devadhara Healing. They help sufferers fight the incurable, the lost find clarity and seekers touch the ultimate, through their spiritual initiative – Creators Child.