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Was it an Angel? A Thought? Or a Message from beyond Death?

  A death Angel Seen

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Simon*, an uncle of Ankita*, {a student of ours}, was a swashbuckling man, handsome, charming, intelligent. Not surprisingly he had a number of paramours, apart from Shomita*, his ‘Helen of Troy’. He had charmed her and they were one of these passionate and tempestuous lovers everyone talked about. Gossip was furious especially as they were globetrotters and Indian, and she belonged to a renowned political family, plus she had cheated on her husband, who was a well known bureaucrat. Adding to all this was Simon’s numerous flings with socialites…

Anyway, age began to catch up with him, and illness. But worse, when he was sick, he ran out of money… All the lovers, the sycophants, the socialites, quite wisely made a rapid exit, with Simon, a pauper, unable to pay for medicines. And what about Shomita, the love of his life? Well, perhaps she had had enough of his philandering? Or perhaps she was plain selfish? Now with all the hundreds who laughed at his jokes, and the many who shared his bed, gone Simon was utterly alone, and things went from bad to ugly…

He was all alone except for a niece… One day she happened to visit his town, and found him lyiong unconscious in a puddle of puke and pyjamas that even a derelict would turn his nose away from. She promptly got into action, and  insisted on him being taken to hospital… as they drove to the hospital, he died in her arms?

Why then? Why that day? The niece thinks that humiliated, hurt, abandoned, he was waiting for one real bit of affection and chose to die at that moment. Perhaps on that day, the niece was an instrument of God. The niece also does acknowledge that with his charm, he was also very selfish and had created this situation, perhaps at the very end he came to a self realization.

The Uncle dying in her arms triggered a storm with Ankita. It was ironic that the only care and consideration he got was from the very servants (to whom he had been most unkind). That all his loves and social graces were less than dried flowers.

Reflecting on the whole situation, tears used to roll from the niece's eyes (she was an emotional person) –  Surely when a person's time came to die, he should die with some love and affection... this thought often recurred. Making the situation even more poignant is that the niece herself had been widowed in a fire…  

 One day, as she pondered and struggled with these feelings, she saw a dazzling white light –actually fierce as lightning – tear into the room. It was so brilliant white that it dazzled her eyes and “it hurt my eyes to look at it, I felt it was  something like what happened to Saul on the way to Damascus... {Where Saul was blinded by the brilliant white light of an Angel}. It was so bright, Ankita actually lowered her eyes, as she looked at it with inner eyes, her 3rd eye blazed, she saw the light was like a white bird – rather like a sea gull – with a  giant wing span. It flapped around, frolicking about for quite some time and then flew away.

When Ankita consulted Tarun & Celia they told her it was a pure thought, a pure being, from a high realm.

Meaning? What had Ankita seen? Ankita’s wondering pushed, and pushed till an inner door at a high energy body opened… This energy body called the inspirational is where, the inspired, the high angel, high intelligence reside, where ideas of extraordinary brilliance are given form… Tap it and we call on extraordinary brilliance, you can call them brilliant thoughts, angelic beings, or vertexes of God’s mind.  

Now as we look at it closely, the giant bird clearly represents freedom from earthliness, it also clearly carried a message from her uncle, he was well, and fine, that it frolicked meant that while his life was seemingly frivolous, it had joy too… And also the enormous reassurance, death is not the end… and this life… a place where souls come to frolic, play and learn…

From another point of view, pursued deeper still, we see that we are like fruit on the branches of deep thoughts/ beings we may call Angels, Inspirers, Sustainers. These passively support us, but when we begin to ask for answers then these thoughts trigger the birth, the emergence of answers… but they are not passive answers but active, living truths… that we may see as brilliant birds… So did Ankita’s* wondering actually trigger the birth of a minor angel?  

Let Ankita have the last word, “This was the first time that I had a real experience of the 'energy of thoughts.' A thought took on a form and being. We tend to think in a most casual way not really realizing the power and life of each thought…”

Yup, angels are thoughts that can shape worlds, bring messages from beyond, and nudge a life towards a higher road…

-- By Ankita P


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