A True Divine Love Story... that spans past lives... and touches the sacred white lingam mystery...
Love Knows No Separation…


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Celestial Gifts. The celestial elephant gifted me three things. A radiant lotus with pearl petals, a bejeweled hilted sword, and an nondescript box. I always wondered what the box was. And almost 8-9 years later, in the middle of a crowded gathering, listening to the most soul stirring music, I watched with a strange sense of detachment, some woman dance with utter abandon, and suddenly that nondescript box opened up and I found inside it a paper folded over multiple times reduced to a tiny chit. As the box opened, the folded piece of paper suddenly breathed air after ages and stirred unfolding a little bit. The wind drew it out of the box and it fluttered open tentatively being one with the air. I felt a terrible sense of grief at having being deprived of that kind of abandonment, and at the same time intoxicated with feeling the sun and the wind rushing at my face and filling up my being, all windows and doors suddenly thrown open. I felt weightless and joyful and I could suddenly see everything, and feel everything.



So who is the celestial elephant that Nadi refers to? Well it is a deep spiritual experience with a force that Nadi experienced as many trunked elephant. It appears to be in consonance with Lord Indra's Vahan. Though equally some may believe it refers to Lord Ganesha.

Image copyright Tarun & Celia Cherian

Devadhara Healing

The Cosmic Heart
Spiritual Pathway

Kaboom. An instant packed with Infinity. It was in this state of bliss when I first met Kabir. We had spoken on the phone before, exchanged the usual work related messages, but never met, living in different cities. I was to help him with research and content on the tribal community that he belongs to and works with. He offered to pick me up at a common point and take me to his work place. He crossed the road, and I smiled automatically, extending my hand out for a shake. A regular guy, nothing out of the ordinary. Our hands connected, and suddenly the world shifted. I knew him. I didn't recognize the face or the body or the clothes he was wearing. But I instantly recognized the man. In that one second, I knew everything about him like I have always known him. And just as instantly I went hard at work pretending everything was perfectly normal and this didn't just happen to me. We kept up an inconsequential chatter.



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Time & Space Shifts. Kabir showed me over his family owned business. I met his brother, his father, his best friend and his Uncle who has been his mentor. I had only kept aside an hour for the meeting but this strange connection was pulling at both of us and we kept stretching the conversation to squeeze in a little more time. He gave me a tour of the local market. At one point, I was in a jewellery shop and trying out some finger rings, and I asked him to hold on to the one I was wearing. After I was done with the purchases, I extended my hand asking for my ring. The moment he quietly put the ring on my finger, there was a strange sense of deja vu. Time and space shifted again and I knew this moment had happened before. My body was half turned away from him in denial, but my entire being was trembling in recognition.

Beyond The Physical. We went back to his Uncle's office who offered me chai and asked me what I do. I explained that I was a writer and a journalist and how it took me to different places and meet different people. I wasn't sure if there was a larger purpose to what I was doing or even if I was making any real difference in the world. He looked at me and smiled a knowing smile. "You are an old gypsy soul. What you are doing is feeding your soul. So you don't have to worry about success or failure. Your soul will make sure you continue to do what will feed and nourish it." I looked into his eyes in that moment and the world fell away. I realized he could see me. He could see beyond the face and the body and the trappings. He knew. In that minute I rose above my own body and looked at the three people sitting there in what seemed to be an incredible moment out of time and space. What were the odds of connecting with these people in what started out to be a perfectly inane day. I called for a cab on my way back. When I was saying bye to Kabir, I felt a powerful physical tug pulling from his naval to my navel, like being torn apart and not wanting to break away. I remember my hand involuntarily reaching out towards his stomach. For weeks and months after I got back to my own city, I remained in this state where I was so overwhelmed by this meeting that I found it difficult to breathe. It was almost like drowning and gasping for air. I felt like there was a whirlpool inside of me and it was completely beyond my control. The only thing I could do was to be true to myself.


Image copyright Tarun & Celia Cherian


Surrender to The Miraculous. We started interacting over the research work, and even though we spoke very little, we were both constantly aware of this connection. We didn't understand it, couldn't control it, only felt it pulsating with every fiber of our being. I never asked him about his family or his age because at this level they seemed so irrelevant. We would feel restless if we didn't connect. All emotions seemed to magnify. I was either extremely happy and couldn't stop smiling and feeling glorious, or I would feel so desolate and grief stricken that nothing would lift my spirits.  Kabir experienced a few of his own deja vu moments where he would suddenly step into another time and space and go through a motion like a repeat performance. One day, he was sick, and I felt compelled to send him healing. It reached him instantly and comforted him. The next day, he asked me about it and we decided to try and connect using this medium. We were in two different parts of the country and not speaking to each other, just lying down quietly in our own spaces and trying to connect to each other's mind and body and spirit, and incredibly, I was right there with him, being able to touch him. When the session got over, we spoke to each other on the phone, and he was stunned at what he had experienced. It was like being hit by a jolt of electricity, the energy was still coursing through his body. Since then, there were days, even when we were not talking to each other, I would feel his presence with me and feel the palm of my hands throbbing and burning up, and the next day he would tell me, I was with you last night, and I was holding your hand. What was I supposed to do with a connection that was so elemental, so powerful, and so miraculous. As Kabir says, where there is surrender, there is nothing else. Flow like the river. And everything else paled in comparison. I was completely dissociated with my current reality. Everything that I have held dear and of paramount importance for years, was of no consequence anymore.




Dazzling Heart. And of course, I meet Tarun and Celia. Tarun looks at me and the first thing he says is, "Your heart is dazzling!" I tell him about Kabir saying I know him from a previous life. Tarun, of course, has to make things more complicated than they are already. He says, this is more than just one life. Apparently, there is a thing called the white lingam, the power source of the lesser universe, the nodal point of all human experience, and that both of us have been dancing around the white lingam for many lives. We share this power, or that this power has magnetised us both. Go figure. And of course he warns me about crossing boundaries, not just social or moral, but that of time and space. He says, "You do realize that this is adultery." No, I don't. It is just the truth. How can truth be good or bad or right or wrong? I don't feel even an iota of self doubt or guilt about something that is so magnificent, so miraculous, and so beautiful. Isn't Satyam Shivam Sundaram?

I sat with Kabir in silence at the edge of the cliff and watched the shadow of the clouds pass over us, and felt the embrace of the universe. We are tied to our own realities in this world, but even if it was for a moment, our paths crossed, we recognized each other, we gloried in the miracle of it, we lived a lifetime in a few stolen moments, and we struggle to move on with our individual journeys. I carry on with my daily chores but like a river that runs beneath the earth, I am aware of him constantly. I am flirting with insanity, courting the sacred, but even as I write this down, I can only feel gratitude that I was given this incredibly precious gift.

Nadi (She who is learning to let go... to let be. Name changed to protect identity)


Understanding The Experience.

This experience of unparalleled closeness, intimate yet divine has with great courage been shared by Nadi. And it is time to dance with the vision to let it reveal its full richness.

First this is a reminder that we humans can touch and share with incredible richness and magic. That two separate people can merge. That I can look out of your eyes and you mine. When lovers speak of touching without touching, knowing without knowing, it can be literally true not just a dialogue. But you have already encountered how intimate empathic, conversation can be with We Are Not Islands

Second, an incredible slew of moral issues rise up. For example, in another spiritual awakening session, we looked into someone's eyes and deliberately prompted 'other faces' to emerge... In yet another session where a controlling spiritual figure began to exert influence on a seeker, she could feel his presence everytime the were intimate, it was an odd 'menage a trois' till we stepped in. And gave the psychic tight jaaps. Spirituality has a price.

Third, we humans in the modern world sometimes forget that we technically pay lip service to quantuum freedoms but in actuality live in Newtonian prison cells. In the experience we see how an uncle and a brother know how powerful the connection is and bless it.

Fourth, what we think of reality shifts as we stop being islands and start merging. It becomes magnificent and miraculous. You have already encountered this in Oneness in Real Life.

Fifth, our sense of self, shifts from discreet to galactic. And we have seen this already in  Kanak wrestles with The Galaxy of Flame. And Ravi's  Universe in a Flower .

Sixth, Patience. Nadi had to wait close to ten years before the gifts of the celestial elephant unfurled in her.

What is The White Lingam? Seventh: Now some will have no peace till they understand what the White Lingam is. Consider this, the white lingam is a dynamic entity that may take interest in it as an invitation to transform your world. It can give great power and yes with that comes enhanced chances of smashing one's life.

The white lingam, or bindu, is a power source, a projection point. Typically universes have One, three or six such power sources or crux points. For our universe we can talk about 3 such lingams. In this the white lingam is the experiencing point of all existence.

This of course offers us an infinity of application, and infinity of terror to those who think they can play with nukes with naked hands. For example, by tapping into this a torture victim may blank out pain. A lover may change the world around another. Next you may experince allness, see through infinite eyes. Or you may cause the whole world to dissolve.