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"My root feels like The Lord's Drum it is unbearable, pulsating, impossible, exquisite thunderous, glorious. Oh God, I do not know. I cannot tell you. And Celia tells me this is only the start the beginning. If this is the beginning what is the full tumult like?" - A seeker at the beginning of an awakening.

The simple truth is nothing prepares you for it. Oh yes, you've heard the words. Bliss, Ecstasy, Kundalini Rising, Nirvana, Calm, Void, Wonder, Awe...

"It began with one drop from high... from so high even the Gods can't breathe... it felt like one very cold, very fresh drop hit my head, and slowly with aching slowness trickled down my spine... I had felt like a dry seed in a very dry desert. And that drop woke something. Deep there was an answering echo. As if a great beast as if Life was waking from deep slumber. Then another drop of energy fell and another, and another... And it was a cataract and I was dancing in a lightning storm, every cell crackled. Every inch of my being exploded with a terrifying roar... oh deeper than an earthquake, more terrifying than a volcanoe exploding... i felt something open... the flood... how long did it last? I cannot say. Time stopped." - A seeker who after a healing discovers God's monsoon of joy.

The simple truth is nothing prepares you for it. We think we are alive. We think we know what life is. We think we know what joy is. It is that only intensified.

"The only words I have for it was being licked by flame. That's it. Like a pupply licked all over by a mother's tongue. In-out, cell-skin-feelings, life... Warmed-cleansed. I fell asleep. But I was more wake then than ever..." - A seeker who just felt loved. a deep transformatory love.

The simple truth is nothing prepares you for it. We think we know the world. But the world we know is an impostor. It is two faced. Very proper. Then get to know it, it is something else. A mad, wild, crazy friend.

"It was like a butterfly wing. Can you imagine a butterfly wing flapping in your knee. A strange sensation, love, love... behind at your back, something opens... On my left ear something pulses... a whisper as if an angel were to whisper into my ear... What I am about to say. "Love" comes the word spoken so clearly except the sound was 'akkatiya'... I look at my hands, they are white and trembling. Waves are coming off everything.. Waves... waves of colour... everything is wrapped in colour... the red apple is so wetly red and yet so fuzzed in green... in orange yellow... I bite into the apple and the course of fresh juice spilling in was like a cataract... I go to a world... a world so pure it is like made of glass of gauze of dream... Love wake to the dream, Love wake in the dream..." - A seeker who opened to the real world.

The simple truth is nothing prepares you for it. For God, for the Kundalini, for life...

"It was me. I was so alive. Men began to crawl out of the woodwork. It was me. I was like a candle. Cows followed me home. It was me. A scorpion deliberately crawled on my leg. When i screamed and threw it off it seemed stunned offended. Children for no reason held my hands. And I am not a children person. Then one day, I was playing diwali and my skirt caught fire. I ran from what I was doing. I am still running. It touched me. My joy opened. I became a bride of God. Life loved me. But I cannot take l;ife's love. I am not big enough for it. My life is a whirlwind..."

The simple truth is nothing prepares you for it. For God, the cosmic, the truth...

"People talk of fire at the root, joy bursting, for me it was something so exact, so crystalline, so true... Everything made sense. I could see the perfect symmetry. I am diamondlike, now, but there are huge shifts needed. Yes, everything made sense. And nothing does. I look at my mom. And I can no longer treat her like Ma. For I see the crystalline structure, the reality, the machinations of the mind. I talk to my colleague. And it is all clear. His motives. His secret desire for me and hatred. And yet I see the perfect symmetry of everything...

The simple truth is nothing prepares you for it. For God, the cosmic, the truth...

"I was petrified. There was no other word for it. Petrified. So struck with terror. Wush-hush, wush-hush, wush-hush, wush-hush... Every step I took was exquisite. So real, so detailed. so super real. Is this what God feels the world like? Yes came the answer. I cannot I said. It withdrew. Now I feel like Death. I feel like someone who had it all and let it go. And yet if I had said Yes. Everything else would have been a No. My husband with his facy cars. My daughters with their lipsticks. My job. If I said 'Yes'. I know I have to say Yes. One day I will say Yes. But then will it be too late.

The simple truth is nothing prepares you for it. For God, for the Kundalini, for life...

"Someone walked into me. That's it. That was my deepest awakening. A someone from a very deep place, very cold, very alien, very God. Not fuzzy, not cuddly... And I realised if I let it take the central throne... My dad would become my server, my wife, my youngest daughter... Could I marry? Could I have children? Could I have friends? Tarun & Celia helped me bargain with it. So he/it said 'I give you 10 years of normal life'. Then your truth claims you. At first I thought it was a threat, then I realised how gracious it has been. For the 3 days that alien me occupied me was the most real I have ever been. No longer daughter, child, lover, sister, woman, employee, I was someone at the cosmic centre."

The simple truth is nothing prepares you for it. Many ask for God, for the ultimate but do not realise what God will ask for...

And what does God ask for?

God asks you to say Yes.

Yes to whom, to what?

{As we have seen... You say Yes to...}

To ecstasy, colour, power, joy, love, life, the truth, the cosmic, God, Life... Reality.

And what if we say No?

We took one seeker terrified as she saw the force rising as a giant, deadly snake to the giantic force, clothed by her mind as a snake, we asked it how many lifetimes had it taken her to reach a point where she could let the divine into the sanctum of her mind. It told her 6 million lifetimes. It had taken countless years, in innumerable forms, with impossible challenges, thousands of deaths, betrayals, hurts, loves, life to reach this point. It was a dearly bought, extremely precious opportunity. Paid for by millions. And yes, she could say Yes. And she can say No.

We were taking a patient for healing. Her womb chakra had been dark scarred by child abuse. Midway through the healing she says I feel so light I could float away. "All my life I have felt knots in my belly, they are gone now. No, its like there is a glow. 'Examine the glow' we ask her. After deep though she came back with a glorious answer. 'Well the divine said it is taking up residence in my life. My womb chakra is its seat...'




- Tarun & Celia Cherian

Over the last 30 years, we have taken in a few seekers to the very deeps of God. The feeling for us as these touch, however briefly, the divine is indescribable. But we would like to point out that while we urge you to say Yes to The Ultimate. It is a Yes which will unleash a flood that will trigger a sea change. Sometimes this transformation is easy. Sometimes it is beyond ugly. And yet one day, after a hundred deaths, a million lives, we will all find it in our hearts to truly say Yes.