Tarun and Celia Cherian who hold meditative and healing sessions, on their first visit to the Se cathedral in Goa, went up into the chambers on top, and experienced a creepy feeling. It was 10 am. The room was bright. Yet they felt terrible dread and oppression. " There", said Celia, pointing down a passage, "Thats where people were tortured." The sense of forboding became so scary, as if pursued, they ran down the stairs. Later they read in a guidebook that that particular room was a torture chamber, during the Inquisition.

Celia slowly recollected a pastlefe connected with that time. They returned a few years later, inwardly stronger, to perform psychic cleansing and to release the trapped spirt of the past.

Tarun and Celia have met many seeking help from them. In the case of Rita who was stabbed in the stomach in a pastlife. She had shooting pains and indigestion, which could not be reated medically.

In the healing process, they removed a pychc dagger from Rita's stomach. And at that exact moment she felt a burning sensation. and her pain reduced. Seema , a soldier in her previous birth, had severe headaches. the Cherians saw her being hit by shrapnel. Regressing her during the overall cleansing, her headaches decreased.

Tarun & Celia say" You will recall your past life, only if you really want to know. People who speak of past lives, are often termed as fakes, yet many have come forward to share painful pastlife experiences. Many are in denial, or don't experience the pastlfe powerfully, or are simply afraid of society's reactions. "

Unfinished Business or Unending Saga ?

Perin Ilavia on life after rebirth (excerpts)
Deccan Herald, Sunday,April 3 , 2005

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