Authored by A Mystic Dog!

Buffy's Doggy Revelations:
A Must for Animal Lovers!!!

Launched on 6th September
at Atta Galatta, Bangalore! With a magnificent turnout!



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"I couldn't put it down, kept laughing, have reread it 6 times!"-- The First Reader, Palli M Says

In 156 Heart-warming & Mind-blowing pages, Buffy's Doggy Revelations takes you to another world. Where pets talk, animal's reason, dogs write poetry. Jaws drop as Buffy travels astrally, heals miraculously, reveals the Double Body Revelation & talks to God!!!

Can it be you wonder?!?!?! "Can it be? The Human Translators and parents of Buffy, Celia & Tarun Cherian wondered! Can it be that she can actually talk? 6 months of field research proved it true!

Can it be that animals can reason? Innumerable examples of Buffy interacting with Creator's Child clients and students have shown that to be true! Apart from solid scientific proof!

  • Learn to Talk To Animals! Receive Priceless Creator's Child Animal Whisperer Secrets!
  • Understand your pet's world Better!
  • Discover Miraculous Healing Possibilities.
  • See The Dog's Aura Detailed.
  • Envy Buffy's Astral Travel Exploits.
  • Be stunned by The Double Body Experience.
  • Animal Divinity!
You will chuckle, laugh, learn, and be astounded.


Can it be that animals can Heal Miraculously? Buffy has inspired Devadhara Healing a God-deep Aura Healing, recovering miraculously from a deadly viral canine disease! Apart from solid scientific proof!

Can it be that Buffy & your pet is intuitive? Innumerable examples of Buffy interacting with Creator's Child clients and students have shown that to be true! Not to mention historic and global evidence!

Can it be that dogs and animals can astral travel? Can Buffy's Double Body Revelation actually be true?!?! Are there psychic schools for Dogs?!?!

Can a Dog actually Talk to God?!?! Are what ancient mystics like Lord Dattareya, St Francis of Assisi really true?!?!


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Buy Now: Only Rs 300/-

Order the book through us using any of these payment options and we will courier the book directly to you. You will get a copy personally autographed by the author when you order through us.

Also available at The Ostara Shop - Cambridge layout, diagonally opp Sai Baba Temple
Also available on

Bow Wow in another Plane - The Hindu

The Paw that Saw by Bangalore Mirror's Jayanthi Madhukar


Reader's Lap it Up!

Readers find it Heart-warming & Mind-blowing!

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"Absoloutely Amazing!"-- Nishigandha N

"Thank you very much for this wonderful book. I have completed my first reading. Lot of insights are here for me to study, understand and experience more deeply." -- Sai K

“Only baddies are good all the time.”

Buffy in response to Celu's question about whether she is always a good doggy. An extraordinarily perceptive truth.



"It's a winner !"-- Shweta K


"It's so Buffy!"-- Vanita K



“When Buffy barks in the house Tarun shouts. When bad boys bark{crackers} and it comes inside the house, why Tarun not shout?"


"Fascinating!"-- Divya G
"Wonderful!"-- Pramod S



"Brilliant!"-Vinod V



"In conclusion: A wise book, a warm book, a book rich in surprises that inspire awe, deepen faith in the unseen, and often, stretch credulity." -- Santosh Purohit, reviewing the book in Life Positive


“Goddy is a goody. He is my friend. He is everybody's friend. He will give bones for everyone.”