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A few years ago, a client called about her St Bernard in another city. We got it was poisoned, by - Thallium. The dog died the same night with Thallium-like symptoms. A week later, the client flew into town and asked for more details. What she was worried about was whether the dog had been poisoned by neighbours. Should she be worried for her relatives? We connected to the dog’s consciousness, the dog said it had chewed on a rat or rabbit and eaten something in a packet, on its walk. Just outside on the street, they discovered a carcass of a rat, and a packet of whitish substance. It was reassuring that the dog hadn’t been deliberately poisoned.

But there is an even more reassuring thing, it points to the reality that a part of us lives on after death. We do not die when we die. But some may accept lesser possibilities. A} That we are telling outright lies. Except here there is a real client who can affirm that we predicted symptoms accurately. B} We are picking up subliminal cues from the client. C} A part of us imprints strong experiences on a transpersonal memory matrix. D} Strong cries of inner anguish go to people that care. And we are tapping that subconscious knowing. E} That animals are immortal lights. And there is F} We in fact argue that actually we are all non-physical beings. That what we consider reality is but a transpersonal dream. Its purpose being to educate the soul. That we may connect to our essential free self in dreaming, meditation, deep joy, and in the space between lives.

Most of the Creator’s Child Family reading this article have seen breathtaking aura insights, astral travel, ghosts, past life realities, deep soul connects, God Darshans. And many have learnt to differentiate between mind forms, obsessions and spirits. But for those of you haven’t seen these or trust our seeing, you need to examine each of these questions for yourself.

Now there are many ways that we leverage the fact that all consciousness is immortal, {yes every ant and eagle} seeks growth, wishes to fulfil itself, and is impelled to return to the unfettered freedom that we call God’s Skies.

  caring for dogs

Caring is one of the most beautiful ways to enrich the after life.

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1} Raise the level of Animals when living in physical form. The first most basic and greatest task. {We also do this with Plants, minerals}

The other day a man in a cycle stop and fed some street dogs. His very approach filled their hearts with a pinkish light. He in turn was blessed. His navel and heart chakras lit up. We looked deeper and saw the man had lost a loved one and this act of caring was deeply meaningful. What the dogs and the man were realising was a crucial soul-lesson. Love, caring, compassion.

For awhile Bitsy our street dog would bring a packet of rubbish in front of our gate. Several conversations later we realised that she was giving us a gift in return for the many times we fed her. Here take she said when dropping a dead rat off.

Awhile ago we found a full grown hawk, half collapsed in our garden. Amma said it was probably hungry or thirsty. We offered it some food. Half an hour later it staggered up and with heavy wing beats took to the air. It then spiralled down went around our heads in circles, in salute and thank you.

Every time any of us acknowledges, feeds, cares, heals and blesses an animal two are being blessed. And our passports to Mukti are being processed faster.

One day when on holiday, Celia got a telepathic message from Brindle one of the dogs on our home street... “Thank you... am going...” “Thanks for what?” Celia asked. “You cared” was the reply. Celia called the neighbour who said, ‘yes the brown and black dog died yesterday’.  From beyond death it was reminding us that we are deathless. That what we do here, does not end here. Love has infinite reach.

2} Healing Support Through the Death Process. The death process as we all know can be disorienting, even terrifying.

Jo-Jo* was a 14 year old dog that we had been dealing with  through aura scans and conversations. We hadn’t interacted with it or its pet-parent for a month or two, when suddenly one day, late evening, 9.53 pm Celia got an insistent message, Jo-Jo thirsty. Do we call? We messaged. The next day the pet-parent called us and revealed it had passed away just then.

Suni*, a client of ours who succumbed after staving off cancer thrice, called out to Celia “Celu you never told me it was hurt so terribly.” We then checked and were told she had passed away two hours before. Sometimes the passing spirit is locked into a pattern of pain. Healing can interrupt the pattern of pain. “A disturbing snake kept appearing in a sensitive psychic’s dreams. Was it a Kundalini rising awakwardly? The snake had been cut in half and died excruciatingly. It had latched on to the psychic. The pain had to be dissolved.”

Buddhu was a favourite of ours. A big, foolish good-hearted dog. Chasing a tempo he was run over and died. We were on holiday, and hadn’t realised when Buffy now a spirit arrived and told us that Buddhu was with her. When we returned the neighbours gave us the details. “It hurt lots for half an hour” Buddhu said. Then Buffy doggy princess came and it was Ok. I kept trying to play with Bitsy and Riblet but they did not see me. Big stupids.”Of course he also complained that sometimes when he looked down, his pawsies were not there.

3} Investigating Strange Deaths.
A cat lover called us. One of her kittens was missing. Try the garage area. But we think it has died, we warned. She found the cat tucked away in the back of the parking. How did it die? We saw 2 things, a bike and a heavy boot kicking the cat. After much investigation we came to the conclusion, the cat found that intent on stalking a rat it had been hit by bike and been killed. The gurkha afraid he would be blamed kicked it near a flower pot. Investigation with the security guards revealed a similar story.

Like the case of The St Bernard we sometimes relook at animal deaths. While in these cases the clues and foot-on-ground investigations were in consonance. Often the fragmentary little insights remain puzzling fragments.

4} Communicating with The Dead. Many communicate with the dead. Often through dreams. Sometimes through feelings. Naturally some of these dreams and feelings are but our own emotions and hurts and guilts given form. But many are real.

Many who call us to communicate with the dead have had long good years with loved ones. Be content with the good memories we advise. Most who call us to communicate with the dead just want to assuage their own guilt, and pains. We say no to these. We do not communicate lightly with the dead as it can disturb the death process. When the person left behind is clingy, anguished and self-centred it can seriously trip the departing soul. It can also be seriously dangerous to the person left behind. For just because I call my beloved pet does not mean only he will answer. Others can hear the call and arrive.

A friend called us from Delhi, their dog had passed away at 17. Was he ok. Yes. Only he was upset that his bed at the foot of theirs had been moved. They brought it back. He hovered in their room for 2 weeks. Finally his spirits explained ‘he felt his dada-mama would be devastated at his death’. We had tears in our eyes as we explained to him they wanted to see him happy he could move on.

5} Tracing Reincarnations.

A client in Mumbai has 4 Siamese cats. We were asked to talk to Cola*the most recent addition, we got it spent the most time with the mistress Anita*, that it liked playing with her perfumes. Loved sleeping on her nightdresses. It had a habit of going around her several times. All these the owners confirmed. What they couldn’t confirm was that Cola said, ‘Anita was an Egyptian priestess and Cola was with her in that life’. They revealed that Anita was fond of Egyptian art. Hmmm...  

We were having a reincarnational session involving 3 very advanced students. One called Ravi was deep in it. His aura swirled with green and purple. We asked the others to read their auras and predict what each othery had seen, without being told. Shweta got that Ravi was an insect. Yes a caterpillar Celia and I chirped in. Without his telling us, we had seen his inner experience as a caterpillar. Ravi was a little stumped thinking, me a lowly caterpillar. We asked him to return to the experience as he did, he realised that the caterpillar could sense with an intensity which was incredible, prismatic. It heard with its whole body. Every bite it took was ecstasy... in a way no human being can suspect.

  Butterfly Goddess

6} Animal Spirit Guides and Gods.

In The Gifts of The Socialist Earth Goddess! Kuldeepak N, spoke of his encounter with The Squirrel Goddess. We have spoken of many of Buffy’s encounters with God. You may recall the one with The Alsatian and The God of Dogs. As many of you now know Buffy has become a full fledged spirit Guide. From a Dog she is a trans-dimensional being who goes by The Apellation Dragon Sa. You may recall Buffy's Gift: The Spiral of Resouling.

Instead let us share with you the first time we encountered an Animal God. We were taking Buffy for a walk when I noticed a tiny yellow butterfly. As I watched with every flap it became huger and the sound of its wings became like thunder. I was rooted in that place for 10 minutes. When Celia came down from our home to investigate. You were transfixed and Buffy was staring. And a tiny Butterfly was going round the two of you. The energy felt strange. And wonderful.

Love & God
Tarun & Celia
& Dragon Sa.
And Other High Animal Spirits.



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Note: 17 Nov 2017: In its wisdom, the Karnataka Legislative Assembly has passed the Karnataka Prevention and Eradication of Inhuman Evil Practices and Black Magic Act, 2017. We have never pressured anyone to clear ghosts out of fear, or create a panic over black magic.

Our primary approach has been to focus on strengthening the psyche, to connect souls with their divinity. We strengthen the auras & chakras: the minds, spirits, bodies of people who feel vulnerable faced with life's ugliness and uncertainty.