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There are two kinds of folks. Those who think the Eclipse does terrible things. Then there's those that think it does nothing.

Decided to check it out. Watched the energy of it. What the Solar Eclipse alignment does is dampen the outer energies and gives the earth shaktis greater play.

For mineral energies the effect is interesting. Almost electric. For plants and lizards it offers renewal. A renegotiation. For the consciousness of the earth, it's vitalising. For us humans the actual effect is minimal for the kind of forces that really thrive on this aren't linked up with the small pond, that is our universe. And it's only those who have really heavy soul twists who will be impacted.

PS: Looked at the semi cut sun. Kinda hurt the eyes.

Jan 15th 2010:

2 hours before the solar Eclipse the energies shift. It looks as if the stage is stripped and a deep dark disc below is uncovered. A disc writhing with snake like forces. These are deep, far deeper than human consciousness and touch plant energies essentially. Below these lie an even greater dark, a blessed dark.

One strand of a shakti will rise up at the height of this Eclipse. It will hover over the earth. The choice, to avoid it or embrace it. Lesser forces will crawl like deformed snakes out of the dark. The key theme of this eclipse is anger, plant's anger in particular.

This eclipse supports build up or letting go of anger. Eclipses always allow greater insight into our deeps, sometimes by being tripped into them.

As we mentioned in July, eclipse energies are far removed from humans. A few more observations: Since the force of this eclipse comes from below, staying indoors {usually advised in Eclipse time} doesn't help really. However since one shakti strand in its red aspect stands above, avoiding going out will be safer.


Advanced Techniques: During the recent Jan Eclipse, three advanced techniques were used by advanced students. To create Eclipse energy essences. To use the force the eclipse to trigger change. The third, highly dangerous is one you will use only later. To relocate the thousands of lost souls.
"It turns darker, a gun-metal hue coats the world. The shadows turn strange, double, rimmed with light. The power of the Eclipse is maximum. I go to the terrace. Thousands of lost spirits and ghosts find the bonds less tight. The astral light falling on them becomes acidic. As they churn, hammer on inner doors, I realise they need to be cared, their exodus needs to be guided, fuelled, assisted... By the end of the Eclipse have dealt with lakhs. " -- Tarun, Jan 15th, 2010.
"I feel high, raised up, blown away" -- Shalini, an advanced Shakti Explorer and Devadhara Healer. After using a scared eclipse energy essence.

Eclipse Effect

The effect of an eclipse is a mixed bag.

All eclipses reveal a dark that's darker than midnight shadows. But that's also a blessing. While it allows subconscious filth greater access, it also makes that easier to spot.

The eclipse weakens egoic structures, but also makes us more receptive... One's ability to explore death is greatly enhanced. Meeting the shaktis is simpler. And in general going beyond the physical s a trifle easier post an Eclipse.

Making love at eclipse time appears to be particularly powerful. But the children will be less tame, less obedient.

The Bad News: The benefits of formal manttras can be erased by the eclipse forces. But on the other hand prayers work stronger, for the minor shift in the dance of planetary bodies allows a shadow opening, allowing us to peer backstage.

The bad news: the power of pychic attack is enhanced in an Eclipse. The Good News: Also some siddhas and manttras are best achieved during eclipse time. For Eg:- Divya's grandad, achieved great success with a mantra derived from meditating during an eclipse.

Eclipses help undo. In our undoing however, sometimes lie the seeds of our eventual triumph.

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Solar Eclipse!

Worst of Times. Opportunity Times.

by Tarun Cherian, Jan 15th 2010