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We live in a deeply interconnected, living world. A world where things, a hundred, a million miles away influence us. Dawn’s shift, bird’s unusual cry, gravity’s turn, magnetism’s moves, thought’s touch, the mark of lives gone, the dreams of the self not in time... As we learn to listen in on this incredible many-levelled conversation and add to it, horizons open up that may seem impossible... supernatural even... 

According to average man we have 5 senses. Most which we don’t use. Push them and the remarkable can reveal itself. 2 decades ago, I {Tarun} was intensifying my senses, especially smell. My day job was Advertising Creative Director. One day, an art director strolled in at 10.30. With her permission, I tested out my ‘heightened nose’, I smelled her from 5 feet away. I got what she had eaten for breakfast an hour back. Milk & cereal, eggs & bread. And that she had smoked a cigarette. She was delighted. All this using the humblest of human senses.

For centuries animals have been used to sniff out murderers, truffles, drug caches. A recent scientific study spoke about dogs smelling out diabetes and tumours. Often when people discuss animal whispering it sounds weird and supernatural. Actually it is just The Natural used to its fullest.

The other day our neighbour brought over her dog who wasn’t eating. Our aura energy scan showed the dog’s intestines were a little inflamed. But when we smelt her energies we realised she was having her periods. The hormones were making her mucous membranes sensitive. It would pass in a few weeks. Awhile ago we saw a vet at work, the dog had a skin condition, he examined the skin, brought the fingertips to his nostrils, and he had fine-tuned diagnosis. The decisive element was a down-to-earth sense allowed to show its supernatural wisdom.

The first lesson of animal communication is what every experienced animal carer knows. Listen. As one does so, the primordial brain, the cosmic mind can add its wisdom...   

The Other SuperSenses Humans and Animals Possess
We spoke of the traditional 5, but what if we could use the full 10. Or 35 esoteric senses? We list some which today’s science has proven we possess, some if mastered, would be super natural.

Enviro ThermoReception
Ultraviolet Skin Receptors
Cutaneous Vibrational Receptors
Gravito-Reception (Balance)

Then we have InBodyPerceptions that can add so much to diagnosis: Cardioception; Breathception: Inner Oxygenation, Circulatory ChemoReceptors, Nociception (Pain), Hunger, Thirst & Excretory Receptors; Proprioception (Movement).

Add to these acute animal senses: Electro-reception, Echolocation, HygroReception, Infra-sound reception, Pressure & Current detection, Polarised Light Sensing, Slit Sesillae of Spiders...

Then there are legendary ‘senses’. A wolf pack’s telepathic synergy in a hunt. Deja Vu, PreCognition. The ‘Red Indian’ Shaman’s Ability to merge consciousness with another animal, and Astral Travel, {both freedoms that we ourselves have actively explored}.

But have we lost these senses? Or are they just waiting for us to develop them?

“We have not as a species lost the magnetic sensory system that our ancestors (millions of years ago had,” said Prof Joseph Kirschvink, leader of the research from the California Institute of Technology. “We are part of Earth’s magnetic biosphere.”

Kirschvink and researchers created a six-sided aluminium cage, which shielded the inner space from electromagnetism. Electrical coils built into the walls allowed the researchers to produce magnetic fields. Using this they could selectively allow the Earth’s field to touch experimental participants, or change field direction. 34 participants were studied, and their alpha brain patterns recorded. The researchers discovered that a shift in magnetic field resulted in the brain ‘freaking out’.  (Source journal eNeuro.)

The implications of the experiment are earth-shaking. Senses like magneto-reception mean we can hear heart beats, taste blood, even sense thoughts & see brainwaves. Also the ability to tune in across continents becomes a distinctive possibility. Heightened senses imply...

  • Our Sense & Communication Spectrum is greater than currently cultivated.
  • We can Bypass Physically Visible Cues.
  • We can Sense & Communicate Thoughts Directly.
  • We can Sense & Communicate Long Distance.

Words are the 15%…

Body language experts often say that words constitute just 10-20% of a conversation. We argue that 10% are the words, 30-50% are from visible body cues, but the remainder comes from nontraditional elements like pheromones, magnetic field shifts, aura movements.

Researcher, Pharmacist and Animal Whisperer, Nishi N has been associated with us for 3 decades. One day, her farm labourers called her. A large rat snake had got enmeshed and injured itself on a wire fence. The labourers offered to put it out of its misery. ‘Nothing doing’, she asserted. Armed with a wire cutter and her ability to talk to animals, she went to the rescue. Keeping an intense eye contact going, Nishi projected a mental stream of “I am here to help, I am your friend, let me help.” It took 10 minutes, but the snake calmed down and Nishi sat her face inches away from the head of the injured snake. Since the snake had been enmeshed in 3 places, it took a quarter hour to snip the offending wire away from the hurt body. Finally freed, the snake approached Nishi’s face, and a feeling of gratitude wriggled into the recesses of Nishi’s brain. What Nishi did was dangerous, as even though it was non-poisonous, if the snake had struck she could have lost an eye. But instead we are left with a reminder of the deep unbreakable bond between us humans and animals.

Now the most important message that needs to be communicated between any two beings, especially an animal carer and animal is, “I care, you can trust me”. So how do so? Well, all of us know such a technique. Baby talk. We keep using nonsensical goo-goo, but the baby understands it is loved. In fact, as we observe the conversation with aura eyes, often we see an electro-magnetic field of reassurance wrap child and parent, and a direct passage between heart chakras open up. 

Sounds That Reassure... Music that Enhances Farm Production...
The same principle that soothes a baby can enhance farm production!  In 2001, Scientists Adrian North and Liam MacKenzie at the University of Leicester School of Psychology showed that slow music played at a large dairy farm increased the cows’ milk production by 3 percent. The soft music helped cows release oxytocin. Techno, rock and rap had no effect, or agitated the cows.

And so the second lesson of Animal Whispering is – Start Talking. Or play Music.

Advanced animal whispering since 1990…

We’ve been talking to animals since 1990, but it was ad hoc. A decade later Buffy arrived in our lives, (from Cupa at The Hebbal Vet College) and took charge of our further education. A week after Buffy arrived, we realised she had distemper, which meant we gave her far more attention and aura healing than a healthier pup would have got. 

“The conversations with Buffy really began with the fact that Celia’s a late riser… So morning hours are precious times of exploration for her. But naturally, Celia being worried about Buffy’s state of bowels {distemper’s cruel on all systems}, would ask whether Buffy had done her business on the walk. As Buffy started answering, we began to keep records. Where did Buffy do her business? Which dogs did she meet? Which humans did she meet? ... After 6 months, we realised that Buffy was communicating with us with truly amazing clarity. We got an incredible 80-85% confirmation... In one case, she met the owner of the dog, sniffed his trouser and got his dog’s smell. She told Celu that she’d met the man & dog.” – Quoted from Buffy’s Doggy Revelations, Through Tarun & Celia Cherian.

We have taken a decisive step. From reassuring noises we formally move to animal conversation. And so arrive at the third lesson of Animal Whispering:  Intelligent conversation is possible.


Buffy's Doggy Revelations


Discovering The Modality of Mind-Speak…

As time passed, others used to ask Buffy to speak to their animals. A friend wanted to know if Inji, her Pomeranian, was happy, were her other dogs bullying him? We asked Buffy to talk to Inji. Buffy went and stood next to Inji, but there was no obvious wag, or discernable body language, she just stood next to him. Moments later came back and told us “Inji fine only he doesn’t get the square, brown thing”. Our friend was amazed. Because Inji was such a ‘vacuum cleaner’, eating his food and that of others, he wasn’t given glucose biscuits (a squarish, brown thing) that the others received!

The revelatory conversation presents us with the fourth lesson of Animal Whispering: Animals are capable of pure mind-speech.

The Pragmatic Conversation…

Animal talk can have pragmatic benefits. One day Buffy had come down from a terrace limping. Had she injured her paw? Broken a bone? We asked her what had happened? She replied “Small-bad bited”. We went up and discovered dying bees on the terrace. She had obviously stepped on a bee and got stung. Thankfully we could avoid a trip to the vets. {Quoted from Buffy's Doggy Revelations}


Mapping  an Animal’s World!

Psychiatrist with 3 decades experience at India’s most respected hospital, CMC, Vellore, Valsa K is an animal lover. Here’s a conversation with her glorious dogs in Coonoor.

“At night, we like chasing small whites. Last dark (Night), a small, black, bad pack came.” We barked, say both her Alsatian & Indie. (Dr. Valsa confirms the small whites are rabbits, and a wild boar pack did enter the kitchen garden.) “Some darks {nights}, bad black comes, even big doggy’s scared.” (Dr. Valsa reveals that a gang of Indian Sambhar have come into their compound. Plus there’s evidence of panthers in the neighbourhood. We later ask Buffy, to crosscheck. It’s most likely a panther says the jungle grape vine.)


A client with 3 strapping dogs had a robbery in a home. So how had the robbers got past? What were they like? “Well”, the dogs explained to us, “Papa (the owners) said they are friends. They gave us nicies (treats).  Said we were good doggies. They took useless boxies (computer).” One of the men they described had a moustache, they all wore lungis. The description matched carpenters who had done work for the friend.


Remote Sensing & Communication…

In the 1950’s Psychiatrist Aristed Esser, Rockland State University, New York placed a dog and mistress in 2 soundproof rooms on the opposite ends of the hospital. The heart of the boxer was measured with electrodes. Suddenly, with no warning a man burst into the mistresses’ room and began screaming at her. At that exact moment the boxer’s heartbeat increased! He was responding telepathically to his mistresses distress!

We arrive at the fifth lesson of Animal Whispering: Animals are capable of remote telepathic communication.

Searching for The Lost Long Distance
Lucky had been missing for 2 weeks, when Catherine S called us. One of our students had told Catherine that the cat had been stolen as it was in a cage. We double-checked. Yes, there was a mesh, but the cat was not in a cage but living near a transformer and was not kidnapped. The cat would return in weeks, we asserted. It did.

Cats are wanderers. Soma* a yellow-striped cat one day vanished from her home. We performed 4 key meditative energy practices. From a photograph, we did an aura scan to see how vital she was. She seemed fine. We connected to her and got a rough distance and direction. 1.5 km in a westerly direction. We peered through the cat’s eyes and saw a grid like structure (staircase of a suburban train station?). Saw her tasting a raw fish head (it nearly made us gag). And saw a red wall (Hoarding). Last we talked to the cat. It answered it was fine, enjoying life with a grey tom and gang. Armed with this information the cat parents went to the suburban station, a 100 feet away they found a fish stall, and nearby a wall with a Coke hoarding. The fish stall man confirmed a large cat pack had visited the other day, and he had spotted a cat with that unusual colouring.

Now these 2 cases had happy endings. But the clues we provide do not always result in happy resolutions. Through remote sensing we gave a dog owner specific streets in Indiranagar where a dog had been present. And local residents confirmed such a stray had been there, but it had wandered off.

Health + Through Remote Sensing…
Another application of remote sensing is fine-tuning diagnosis. A long-distance aura scan we did showed darkness at a dog’s waist area. The dog, the owner revealed, was outwardly robust, but had begun to suddenly show signs of having fits, shaking his head, barking suddenly. Was the dog anxious? The owner asked, as they had just moved to Delhi. The vet had done full blood-work, so the darkness at the waist area seemed strange. We couldn’t be sure but either the liver, or kidneys were impacted. Further tests revealed that the dog had a kidney problem. Explaining the hallucinations and giddiness. With medication, and diet the dog is better. The bulk of the diagnosis was done by the vet. Our aura scan just helped focus. Here actual communication with the dog did not help, as the dog just kept saying “Me, brave boy”.

Emo+ Through Remote Sensing…
A dog owner called us, her normally active Indie was not going for walks. The aura scan showed darkness at an ear. And around the abdomen area. While the vet did find a tick embedded in the ear, the behavioural problem continued. When we talked to the dog he kept talking of ghosts. One day on the actual walk the dog wanted to run back home, and the owner called us. By cajoling it with energy, we got it to go for a full walk. Was the dog seeing ghosts? Or were they fears? We asked the owner to cross-check on the caretakers, who looked after the pet when she went out of town. A detailed check revealed the servants were underworld goondas. Caring outside, vicious behind the scenes. The dog was being traumatised.

Generosity of The Cow

Mind-speech… And the lesson in generosity...
Helping a sick or bullied animal is good. But sometimes it is the little conversations that are so rewarding. We were driving back home and stopped at a traffic light. A cow was scratching its neck and enjoying it. We said hi, to it, and commented on what a good scratch it was getting. Delighted it said yes, this was the best neck scratcher and then added that if our back was itching we could join it. Now we humans have so much. And the cow making do with grass on a narrow road divider had so little. But it was generous in a way we humans cannot hope to be.

Predicting Environmental Catastrophe and Living in Harmony with nature…
Unlike humans, animals are more aware of the environment. Ancient man was aware that animals precognitively sense catastrophes. In 375 BC, Greek Historian Didorious Sicculus reported that from the city of Helice rats, snakes, weasels, centipedes, worms and beetles were observed heading inland in great swarms. After this puzzling exodus came a titanic eruption in which the city fell into the sea. Clearly we humans need to listen. As the Chinese have done, they anticipated the Haicheng Earthquake, Feb 4th 1975, in part using animal observations.

Closer home, we have been warned of catastrophes. Before a major storm in the early 2000’s, a pair of crows warned us, big whoo-whoo is coming.

But this is not just about being aware of the future, but living in tune with nature. When rabbit warrens get crowded, the does are known to spontaneously reabsorb foetuses or abort them. Today the most important cause for impending climate catastrophe is a burgeoning human population. When nature is out of balance, signals overt and covert are sent out, and many species begin to react well before the catastrophe arrives. Some, wise animals have warned us... A kite one day asked us, “What do you think will happen when all the birds run from humans? We keep the trees happy. All are needed, each is happy”.

Remote Healing is Scientific Fact
As we go into the deep end of remote sensing, the doubt; ‘Is it real?’ Reappears. There is proof. Not from one study, but from hundreds. 

"Today, the “nonlocal” connections of quantum entanglement have been convincingly demonstrated”, argue scientists Dean Radin, Marilyn Schlitz, and Christopher Bauran “establishing that instant physical correlations over macroscopic distances, as well as connections that transcend time, are no longer startling theoretical possibilities but empirical facts." 

The researchers reviewed and meta-analysed hundreds of 'scientific studies'. Covering (1) mind-to-mind connections, (2) direct interactions between mind and matter (3) Experiments on “distant mental interactions with living systems” or DMILS.  They concluded that the hundreds of experiments cumulatively provide undeniable evidence that “Yes, A can affect B at a distance.” They commented that the effect observed in these experiments tended to be small in magnitude, but asserted “the correlations observed in controlled experiments have been independently and successfully repeated in laboratories around the world."

Going Beyond Death with Remote Animal Communication…
A few years ago, a client called about a St Bernard in another city. We got it was poisoned, by - Thallium. The dog died the same night with Thallium like symptoms. A week later, the client flew into town and asked for more details. We connected to the dog’s consciousness, the dog said it had chewed on a rat or rabbit and eaten something in a packet, on its walk. Just outside on the street, they discovered a carcass of a rat, and a packet of whitish substance. It was reassuring that the dog hadn’t been deliberately poisoned.

A client in Mumbai has 4 Siamese cats. We were asked to talk to Cola*the most recent addition, we got it spent the most time with the mistress Anita*, that it liked playing with her perfumes. Loved sleeping on her nightdresses. It had a habit of going around her several times. All these the owners confirmed. What they couldn’t confirm was that Cola said, ‘Anita was an Egyptian priestess and Cola was with her in that life’. They revealed that Anita was fond of Egyptian art. But then so are many women.

One day when on holiday, Celia got a telepathic message from Brindle one of the dogs on our home street... “Thank you... am going...” “Thanks for what?” Celia asked. “You cared” was the reply. Celia called the neighbour who said, ‘yes the brown and black dog died yesterday’.  From beyond death it was reminding us that we are deathless. That what we do here, does not end here.


Here is the sixth lesson of Animal Whispering: Death is not the end.

Changing the way we look at Life…
We began this article by stretching our physical senses. Then realising that animals are connected by global unities. We now realise that the universe is perhaps better described by what the ancients called Maya and physicists describe as n-dimensional matrixes. Where at one level we are physical creatures, at another a part of the infinite mind.

Sage Dattareya is reputed to have had 24 animal gurus. Perhaps we should follow suit.


By Tarun & Celia Cherian

This article, accompanied a speech to 40 Senior Vets from Karnataka.



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