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"A Lot Can Happen Over Coffee", says the electrifying ad line crafted by Spiritual Master Tarun Cherian. Apart from being deeply knowledgeable and powerful spiritualists, they are noted corporate achievers. Celia, was a film professional at Lintas, O&M, both India's top 3 ad agency networks for close to a decade. Tarun was an award winning creaticve director for 18 years. They know both sides, The Dog Eat Dog Corporate World and The Divine. A unique combo that has helped many national champions, business leaders, renowned artists, and inspirational guides discover their true potential. Of the many champions we have empowered we share with you a few case studies.

* The Wind Beneath My Wings.
Sadhvi Kukreja Asian Rock Climbing Champion speaks...

* Bowling Life Over.
National Bowling Champion Judy Alban speaks...

* Jan Dhan & Creator's Child Ki Haath.
Sonia Chauhan winner of the national social empowerment naming contest, speaks ...

* Triumphing over Fate.
Celebrating Achiever Mohit Tambe.

The old-fashioned believe that Ambition and God are at diametric opposites. Nothing can be furthur from the truth. The Creator's Child is a force. A force in the other world. And this one. There is no one as ambitious as a true spiritual seeker. For the spiritualist sets himself the impossible task of climbing God's mountain. Of being Cosmic Force on earth. Of enriching the world. The reason why The Creator’s Child Sessions & Workshops are so transformative is because our understanding of Man is fuller… The chakra resources we tap, the soul potential we envisage is vaster.


Would you like to touch the stars, with The Creator's Child Force behind You? Our range of workshops for corporates include two critical ones. You can participate through focussed group workshops or intense one to one sessions.

Shine with Confidence Workshop: In just one day, shift life's gears {2 half day sessions}. Let others see a glow of confidence. Unique power mantras and mudras energise key chakras, strengthen the aura, unleash your confidence… And yes this workshop teaches you to be strong when life is difficult, unfair,, even disastrous! Click to join.

Find your star: Discover your Purpose Workshop. A human who knows where he or she is going is more assured, more effective, more likeable, more true to his potential. He or she has greater skies. This beautiful program spread over two half days {two 2.5 hour sessions, separated by a week} helps you find your life purpose and soul direction. Click to join.



>>> Inspired by The Cosmic Now Vision, The Creator's Child brings the infinite to bear Here and Now! While inspired by The Towering Pyramids of Egyptian Spiritualists, the Creator's Child seeks not just the moment's applause, or time's acceptance, but Death's Respect and Eternity's Nod! >>>

>>> Marrying Ambition & God>>>


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  1. With Creator's Child you are More: First & foremost The Creator's Child sees he is more than his circumstance. He knows he is backed by 'moreness'. Science sees man as a bag of chemicals. We see the 6 foot body and the 60 foot aura, the cloud of pheromones and the globe spanning energy networks. He knows his brain and his chakras.  
  2. The Creator's Child Stronger on Life's Battlefield. The Creator's Child sees in the Himalayas of Challenge a chance to test the edge of the spirit. To push himself or herself. He deploys his force better. He uses both mantras and corporate aphorisms.
  3. The Creator's Child seeks Win-Win: Man can win trampling over others, or by creating win-wins. Never in the heat of the battle will The Creator's Child forget to stop for the fallen. His is the tribe of those who seek brilliance within and without.
  4. Creator's Child Touches Higher Stars: The Creator's Child will not stop with winning. He demands more. His victory must make life stand taller. His generosity makes the world richer. He realises others watch him even when the lights are off. He will get the medals and the stars.