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O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?” – 1st Cornthians, The Bible. Fighting words indeed. Now it seems silly to take pungahs with death. For around us we see that Death not only has a sting, it has a bloody bull dozer, called Corona.  

So it is time to remind ourselves of the pungahs we’ve taken against disease and certain death. And won –

Case 1. The Case of The Man Who Turned Back Time: Puneet’s Father* {And mother} came to us the other day { March 2021}. When he walked in, he stepped in with the vigour of a 40 year old, we were surprised.  ‘Hello’ we said to ourselves, ‘Is this the same man we gave healing to once a year ago?’ Then he had seemed on a downward spiral. One healing, a mantra, and here he was bounding around like a young marathoner. Wow! Remember that a 78 year old, he had driven 20 km in 9.30 am Bangalore traffic and yet was fresh like a daisy. A reiki master himself, he had reached in deep and unleashed a fresh will to live.

Case 2. The Case of The Man who didn’t have a transplant: Sometimes you have to wait years for it. It’s near impossible to get an organ transplant. But without a functional liver, you feel bloated, bilious, half-human. Savitha M’s partner has been ill with a failing liver for about 2 years now. In December, she persuaded him to go to a healer. They expected marginal relief, what they got was a miracle. The doc called with good news in March he was told of a match. To anyone who has waited for an organ transplant that is wow. But he got even better news. For when he checked, the doc told him he did not need a transplant. The healing had worked. His liver had recovered that well.

We are in India, in the middle of the Corona 2nd wave. To 98% it is little more than a cold. For example to Tanya it was a bad fever. But for 0.23% it is fatal. Unfortunately Tanya’s dad a robust 60 year old passed away after 12 traumatising days in the ICU. For another 1-2% it is crippling. Now 0.23% may seem piddly as a percentage. But it has been estimated that only 6 out of 10 patients that need an ICU for Corona will return*. Grim statistics. But no matter how ugly it is, many can and have beaten more terrible odds.  

Case 3. The Case of The Woman who God brought back: Here is a story shared by Amita Palat. “My mother's sister after the delivery of her 3rd child had non-stop bleeding at CMC, Vellore where she was working in the Dietary and her husband was a doctor. The medical students lined up to donate blood when an appeal was made for blood because although she was pumped with blood many times the bleeding wouldn't stop. Her uterus was removed...many other operations were done to find the cause of the bleeding...veins collapsed...other veins had to be found...she still has scars of these. At one point she asked the doctors: Why don't you let me go? In those hazy days when she was nearly lost, she had a vision: Of Jesus sitting on a hill... but she came back and has been with us thankfully...”  

Death resurrection

A few months ago, we were delighted to be told by Karthik how he was nurtured back to health with Kamala’s help. A few days ago, we were asked to help a patient in the ICU. Who was helping make a real difference? Natsy and a circle of friends. We know life-lovers, healers, spiritualists like you, everywhere, are making a difference to sufferers… And you have pulled back many… But that said, for everyone returning from The ICU, rejoicing are others… Some are crippled with lungs in shreds…  

The Miraculous Sometimes Has a Price Tag: Now among those reading this are many who have come back from fates worse than mere Corona or just Death. For example, let’s shine the spotlight on Pramod. He was expected to die in the early 2000’s, a slow painful degeneration. He is still alive. Very much alive. Just having brought out a book of poetry: Mind The Monkey: {}

Among the many things that helped Pramod was healing. 6 months of healing. Has he recovered completely? No. A few years ago he said that some days when he has a shower each drop is like a nail biting into his flesh. When I worked on “Humpty Dumpty Meets God’ and I sometimes smashed nails into canvas, I sometimes borrowed nails from all of you, your courage over unendurable pain…  

But, some will not be coming out of The ICU’s, even on wheelchairs…

Shweta, Angel, Diana, Anita, Veena, Bhanu, Tanya, Karen, Vasu, Swati, Roohi, Damayanti, Bela, Archana, Shabnam… are just a list of the few among the Creator’s Child family who have lost loved ones in the last few days and years.

No. They will not return to family. They will leave terrible gaping holes in our lives. One day just a fortnight after Tarun’s mother passed away, he almost called her 6 times in one morning, once to ask how to make a pickle, next to ask if she wanted glass jars for jam, next to ask if she knew how a relative was related… Now many of us have lost great supports in life. So how cope with the awful emptiness?

The greatest way, we as Children of The Creator can do so, is by remembering the emptiness is not empty… The Dead are not Dead. They have changed clothes.  

Now some may think this is sugar coating bitterness, selling idiots opium. It isn’t. Far from it.

Death Warns

The Undying Promise # 1: Permission to Die.
Just awhile ago we shared with you a heart-rending story, of a daughter who in a dream was asked by her father who was ill if he could die? In the dream she gave permission, a week later, every detail of the dream came true. The CCU, the setting… {To read more: In The CCU, A Chilling Magic Unfolds. By Diana Munoshi. October 2020}

The Undying Promise # 2: The Truth is in The Details.
The other day we were accompanying a 96 year old through the death process. We had to operate with a grainy picture. And knew nothing of her life. Even the grand-daughter who has fond memories, was naturally hazy about details.

Looking back at her life the grandma revealed details, we had no clue about, like a tragedy in the early 70’s, the death of her husband.

Deaths Gift

The Undying Promise # 3: The Truth Lives On in Beauty.
A few weeks ago, we were accompanying an artist, a life-lover deeper to his soul… aspects of the life were highlighted, we saw a hostel he lived in, estrangement from a mother, dates of love & marriage. Right, what we were doing was real.

Anyway over the week we kept checking on him to see if he was safely ensconced in his soul. 'Is there anything he wished to share with the love of his life?' we asked. Instead of a message he asked us to do a painting for her… he literally dictated it… It was colours that Tarun rarely uses… Greens… Yellows…

Think of how astounding this is. The dead can often barely remember words, or names, the shape of the world becomes difficult to describe. Colours no longer are earthly colours. And yet the spirit of the artist not only managed to communicate, he was specific about detail. Tarun and he had many tiffs on the shading. He was not just suggesting, he was directing... Far from dead and gone, he was reaching back and refreshing life…

Now all this is nice and sweet.  But what if the departing one is a shit? Or half a shit?!

The Undying Promise # 4: What will you pay to become Hope’s Postman…
Norma’s* father while on earth was a gambler. And so a family with oodles of money became paupers in decades. His death, while deeply painful was the best thing that could have happened to his family.

After he died, he was placed in the arms of a glorious, but terrible angel. For 6 months our time and 12 years astral time he was tortured, cut up, reformed, reshaped. Frankenstein had it easy, by comparison. Imagine being slashed open and your heart changed 12 times. Now the price paid was heavy, even for the daughter, for an advanced healer & spiritualist, she was given the task of psychically checking on him, and reporting to us in case intervention was needed. Some days he looked as if he was clinging on to rotting flesh in the river of life, some days his pain was like being chewed by piranhas. Imagine looking on as a loved one suffers the most ghastly torments for months on end.

After 6 terrible months, {or is it 12 years?} there was glorious news. The daughter received the wonderful message that not only had her father cast aside karmic burdens, he does not have to return to the cycle of death and rebirth. Instead he is selected as one of Hope’s Postmen. He is asked to carry messages and plant it into people who are in Life’s ugliest hellholes. For example in a prison he planted a vision into the head of a brutalized young prisoner, and also by nudging got a formidable convict to be his friend.

Buffy Showing Life Beyond Life

The Undying Promise # 5: Wolf or Animal Angel?
He lived a colourful life, on the wilder side of criminal drugs. His death at just 25, leaves devastated parents and family. For on the one hand he was humiliating family, on the other he was an outrageously talented musician.

As we dealt with him in death’s plane, fishing him out of utter stupidity as he now fell in with a band of ghosts, now began smooching a vampire, we finally got him to his soul…

Oh there it was miraculous, he was an acrobat. The most magnificent colours, trapeezed behind him. As he danced around, rejoicing... We asked his guides for future choices.

We were delighted by the options for him. In one he could return to earth as a wolf. And in the other he could be a spirit guide for animals.

The choice was actually offered not to him, but to his parents. Why parents? A} As he is too giddy headed. B} He hadn’t earned the right to have a soul-choice, his parent’s and aunt’s faith had.

Marvellous. But then someone snorts with the unfairness. "Great you tell yourself “Mukti and All. As a reward for a f***ing dopey. Where’s the fariness in that?” Now wait till you hear the price. The inner spirits cut off his hands and legs to separate him from the idea of being human. ‘Oh so what they are just ghostly arms?' You say. Wrong. These are astral limbs. And with them, the sensitivity was 25 times that of a normal nerve. Now imagine a thigh slowly being sawed and amputated. And yet that done he is glorious. A rainbow swirl of colour. So beautiful our stained glass windows seem grey.    

The Undying Promise # 6: Mama or Hundred Headed Stranger?
We will leave aside the indignities of her death. The bitter fights in the family over the course of treatment. The despairing cry as she told her child "I cannot take this let me come home and die." Suffice to say she returned home and half an hour later passed away in the joy of her own bed.

We escorted her in.

A day later her daughter asked us where she was. We laughed. For the mother was in her room. The daughter Sowmya* felt a great breeze blowing over her.

Mother & Child

A few days later The Daughter again plaintively asked about her mother… We took her in… The Mother was jabbering away to a crowd of people from this and many lives… While The Mother held her daughter’s hand, the daughter felt both joy and a terrible sense of loss. For she was not The One And Only Most Beloved Daughter. Just one of many in the other world.

Most extraordinarily, The Mother would while holding The Daughter’s Hand, go deep into conversation with a man, who seemed like a crowd, many-headed, many-bodied. Who was this, more fascinating than her own daughter? The ‘Man who is a Crowd’ is a God.

Then there were times she would feel her mother’s eyes on her and it was dizzying. Why? We explained Her Mother could see through 10 eyes of many past lives.

Ghostly Many Faces

Okay, take a deep breath. We are coming to the end of the article. Deeply reassuring. And disturbing.

We thank each one of you reading this article. Some of you reading it are looking at it with eyes that are 2000 years old, or 5000 years from now… And some with eyes that laugh at time. {This is not a metaphor, or poetic license, but actual fact.}

The other day a seeker we knew well, but haven’t met for 5 years called and blurted "Did you know “I was an alien?” He asked us. We went back and looked at his aura scan, from 10 years back, and saw that indeed one of his lives was from another universe. We did know, we had forgotten.

Yes, many of us have forgotten that just because we live in time, we are not time’s prisoners or death’s bunny. The undying promise is incredibly reassuring. But also utterly, extraordinarily and magnificently impossible.

Big Treasures in Small Pockets by Tarun Cherian



-- Love & God, Celia, Tarun and a Great Crowd of Heroes & Lights.

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